Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring Planting

My soils's not prepped yet and last Fall I purged my pot collection so I'm a tad behind on the Spring planting, the kitchen window has become my greenhouse
These little beauts were a birthday gift from IBT, a sweet friend of mine and bridesmaid, girl knows what I love

I've been doing a little research on a strategic way to plant this Summers vegetable garden and have found some awesome ideas on the world wide web:

This is such a fantastic and fun looking way to grow lettuce, in rain gutters!
Could be a fun weekend project for the deck?
Good luck to those darned snails up this one!
Image and Tutorial - HERE

My vegetable plot is against our bedroom window, so it's tricky to have access to the tomatoes
I've been looking for a way to make it work and found these plans on the Better Homes & Gardens website
In Boy's Life, how cool is this?
There's a detailed step-by-step tutorial too!
Why isn't this is Glamour or Cosmopolitan, they'd sure get a new reader if they broadened their topics
Image and Tutorial - HERE

Now if I could just have a chicken coop along with my organized plot blooming with tomatoes, greens and herbs - I could live in pure bliss!
This could be achieved if I was able to build a nice house in Yountville and just use Thomas Keller's French Laundry's garden as my back yard... just sayin'

But this, this my friends is what I long for, the garden in the movie, 'It's Complicated':
Image - HERE

Image - HERE

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far, I need to run to get ready for a shower BRS' aunt and sister are graciously hosting for me!

Happy Weekend!



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  2. I am ashamed of how many times I've seen "It's Complicated."