Tuesday, January 29, 2013

20 Week Update

20 Week Baby Bump

Baby's Size?: Banana
Due Date?: June 16th (Father's Day!)
Total weight gained/lost: 8lbs-ish?
Exercise this Week?: Pilates and walking dogs, the same. Going to try out a 10min Pilate DVD tonight too:)
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, still wearing the jeans only though. I found a cute pair of dark denim skinnies at Old Navy for under $40 and they stay up a little better than the Hudson's plus look great with ballet flats
Stretch Marks?: No, whew!
Belly Button?: Still in, but I had the CRAZIEST dream that I got this HUGE outie, almost looked like a Cone Head but on my stomach
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Better-ish? Sill getting up 2-3x a night to use the bathroom, and I have noticed if I eat an earlier dinner I wake up around 2am starving
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling Baby Shoe kick and finding out the gender
Movement?: Yes, finally! And it's beyond incredible!
Food Craving?: Mangoes and pineapple, like all.day.long
Food aversions?: Salmon, which is weird because I usually love it
Morning Sickness?: Few and far between, pickled ginger is still my BFF
Gender?: Yes! B-O-Y!!!
What I Miss?: Meeting the gals for wine after work and my energy 
What I am Looking Forward to?: Meeting this little man, of course! But revealing his name is probably next on that list!

I have to thank all my friends and family for their outpouring of love and excitement when we announced Baby Shoe is a boy on Facebook and via text/calls, etc.
You really are the best and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts

Let the shopping commence!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

What to Wear: 10 - 20 Week Baby Bump

Right now I am in this super awkward inbetween sizes stage of pregnancy
I still do not quite need full paneled pants, maternity shirts, dresses, and what not
But really, nothing feels comfortable - my old jeans feel too tight, almost like you wore your fave pair of skinnies to Thanksgiving, catch my drift?
I have been wearing what I like to call "my uniform" pretty much every day until I walk through the front door at 5:30 and slip into the jammers...

Let's just say, this works!:

What Works

Stylish. I know, right!?
To be honest, anything that is remotely tight fitting on my belly feels extremely uncomfortable
It's like it's a constant reminder that I have to pee, so no thanks for now!
I did splurge on a pair of adorable Hudson's but even in their smallest size, they fall down constantly, it's because they have no waist, really and obviously no belt loops - you've been warned
Don't tell the hubs, but that may have been a complete waste of $... (too much to list)

For those ladies out there that are in my boat and pregnant through a "winter" this is what I can 100% recommend buying:
(by winter I mean 50 degrees like here in California, or for those elsewhere, Spring perhaps?)

I really hope this helps any of my future and current friends expecting, I am so glad I got loads of hand me downs from a close friend, it put the brakes on me buying anything else and wasting more money!

-Leggings, lots and lots of leggings, I'm talking the $9.95 kind at H&M

-Long, soft, cotton shirts - Your old ones will work fine, if not, Splendid, Old Navy, something soft, because as your skin starts to itch like mine is (stretching maybe?), soft cotton is a must!
Splendid - HERE

-A vest - For me my plaid puff vest hides my bump/bulge. For those of you like me who don't really look pregnant, more like you ate too many burritos. This also keeps your bump warm and works with leggings and boots or athletic shoes. Land's End runs large, my small vest fits perfectly still
Similar at Land's End - HERE

I will say, this is the first week (18/19) that I feel like I really have that "bump", I still don't think of it as cute by any means, but it sure makes BRS happy
It's a constant reminder (that and my indigestion and gas) that Baby Shoe is in full growth!
We are so in love and blessed, we just can't wait until we meet this little sweet pea
Today marks the one week mark until we find out if Baby Shoe is a girl or boy!
Anyway, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Enjoy your time off if you get it!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Neutral Baby

Neutral Baby

Lately I've tended to get carried away perusing the baby sections online so it's probably a good idea we (more, I) do not know the sex yet
In the meantime, I can't get over the sweet, sweet gender neutral things there are out there
I'm not a huge fan of pastel green and yellow as gender neutral, rather the neutral tones like grey, beige, cream, etc.

I have found so many lush cashmere baby things I just want to cave and buy, but let's face it, cashmere is pricey and baby will wear it for what, a month max?
So this Moses basket lined in cashmere seems like a wonderful solution to the cashmere crave I have!
I mean come on, if Mama wears it, so shall baby!
I'm thinking coral cashmere throw if a girl, watchman plaid if a boy - don't you agree?

Cannot wait until the 28th!
Boy or girl?


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What? J.Crew Baby!

What? J.Crew Baby?
Where have I been?
I can't NOT share this with you, I about died when I went to peruse their cashmere and came upon the baby section under Crew Cuts!
Out baby can be a mini me now! Yay!
This could be seriously dangerous territory if I am not careful!



J.Crew Baby

J.Crew Baby

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lazy Days are Here Again!

In an effort to curve my anxiety and "relax and stay a while" as per my husband and mother's orders, I've been doing a whole lot of this lately:

Laying in bed watching football

The Girl

Caving and letting the pups on the sofa with NO blanket after their groom session (huge rule being broken) 

More laying in bed until 2pm watching the playoffs

Watching the 49ers win! (= happy husband)

Strolls to the coffee shop for some light reading

Mind you the mister works mid nights (4 days on, 4 days off) so he gets home around 7am and sleeps until 4pm, so on his weekends off I get thrown into this mix and sleep in myself!
I figure once the little pea arrives there won't be much of this anymore, so time to milk it to the fullest!
At first I felt a little guilty being so lazy daisy, but since I kept up with laundry and tidying up in between quarters, episodes, etc. I started to feel it less and less
I am still making time for Pilates class and strolls with the pups even though this "cold" weather makes it tough, so there's that!
Now if I could just figure out how to make easy prep and clean up meals instead of ordering take-out, I'd really have this lazy business right!
My HUGE issue with lazy days is the urge to shop online!
Umm hello Kate Spade secret sales, Zulilly baby items and Wayfair's great deals on home improvement goods!
Being home (and being slightly ocd at times) makes me tend to go bonkers and think EVERYTHING needs fixing (especially before June 16th!)

Anyway, I cherish this time and it's wonderful
I am so blessed to be able to put life on the back burner and relax a bit, it was well needed after the holiday rush
Happy (Tuesday), or... Happy Day to you all!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

And... I'm Back (Again!)

What a terrible way to start 2013!
I haven't blogged since last year since my January 1st post was a "hi" from our walk and doesn't really count... oops and sorry!

I've been a bit occupied in many ways, care to know why?:
1. Adjusting back to work from being off for over two weeks - so not fun
2. I had to clean up Santa's throw-up (aka clean up my Christmas decor and TWO trees)
3. Umm... I'm pregnant, and really feeling it! Speaking of throw up, cleaning up my own too!
4. Did I mention this little devil decided to eat two of Daddy's dark chocolate bars from his stocking? Let's just say this Christmas season involved a TON of throw up - nice right?

5. And more on a serious note, I've had a lot of down days, these pregnancy hormones have been getting the best of me and I've felt more anxiety and low days than I ever have before. I have been working through it, and am finding my inner peace and happiness slowly. Of course I am over the moon happy and excited about this baby, but in all honesty, fears and anxiety are tough and prominent in this big life change.

...So there are my "Excuses". Onwards...

So, since this blog is about my life, what I see, and do, pardon the next six months of probably more baby related topics, tidbits and fun things!
I hope to keep posting non-pregnancy related things, but hey, this is my diary, I get to do what I want!:)

With out further ado, here we go!
Every couple of weeks or so I am going to document my progress, I have seen this on many blogs that have turned baby-related and think they are a great way to document my pregnancy for myself, my friends, family and even for Baby Shoe when he/she gets older:

18 Week Baby Bump
Baby's Size?: Mango
Due Date?: June 16th (Father's Day!)
Total weight gained/lost: 6lbs. I actually lost some at first because I had such terrible morning sickness. I do know I started out weighing more than I have averaged out in the last couple years because I knew we wanted to start trying so started to eat more, oops! Oh and "Indian Summer" here offered many trips to Tucker's Ice Cream...
Exercise this Week?: Pilates and walking dogs
Maternity Clothes?: Yes! Just started this week actually. Jeans were starting to get uncomfortable except for a pair of my college Abercrombie jeans I can still wear low (remember how cool 2"zippers were? SAVE THEM!)
Stretch Marks?: No
Belly Button?: Still in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Eh. Unless I am completely exhausted, I have a very hard time falling asleep because my mind is racing. I've been very anxious lately over-thinking things and it takes me much longer than usual. Also, I have to get up to use the bathroom 1-3 times per night, so annoying!
Best Moment of the Week: Laying in bed until 2pm with my husband and dog watching football and relaxing
Movement?: I have felt a little flutter, unless that's gas? Heaven knows I have a lot of that!
Food Craving?: Fruit, lots of fruit. Can't complain!
Food aversions?: Meat when I have to smell it being prepared
Morning Sickness?: Yes, still here. Not as bad, but definitely still there.
Gender?: Ugh, no!
What I Miss?: Champagne, not going to lie
What I am Looking Forward to?: Gender ultrasound on January 28th!

Thanks CJN for lighting the fire under me to post, I am happy you did:)
I hope everyone has a great week and I look forward to posting a couple nursery ideas by you all this week!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013

We got our 2013 off to a great start: sleeping til 2pm, pancakes, and a nice family walk along the shoreline!

Happy New Year to you and yours!