Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Products I Love Right NOW

Products I Love Right NOW

Products I Love Right NOW by tearose412 

For some reason I have been in this, let's get it done mood
I wake up and want like to just be easy and simple, not quite laziness, just the need for ease...
Hoodie - I just got this adorbs at Gap for $15.00 and LOVE it, it still fits my bump, is comfortable, cute and not too thick - Sale time, go now!
Shades - Tory Burch I love thee... makes me feel just that tiny bit more stylish and put together on mornings when I am feeling, blah!
Bronzer - Tried and true, my hands-down absolute fave ever, it highlights the good spots and brightens the tiredness - A MUST for all
Skirt - a whopping $5.95 has changed my life! This H&M skirt, which I now own two of and plan on purchasing a few more is my new staple! I wish I had it all my pregnancy, it fits under or over the bump and is thin enough to layer things pregnant or not, you again MUST own!
Bracelet - Just a little glam to go with the bright tops I've been pairing with my skirts. It's instant glitz to any outfit
Perfume - So random but I found an old bottle of Clinique Happy from my college days that I have fallen back in love with, honestly it's one of the only perfumes that doesn't overwhelm me or make me nauseous. It's great paired with most Jo Malone perfumes and is much more affordable

So, that's my little product rampage right now, I feel and look great (at least to me, haha) when these six things work together!

Enjoy like I do!


Monday, April 22, 2013

As Promised... My Baby Shower

 I hands-down THE best friends a girl could ask for, that's a given
My girlfriends, Carrie and Meghan combined threw Tate and I the BEST baby shower you can imagine
From the heavenly french baguette sandwiches, scrumptious treats, and perfect beverages for the warmest day of 2013... it was utter perfection!
I just pray that Tate has such amazing friends as I do, good grief I am just get teary-eyed typing this!
I am so blessed to have Carrie, my maid of honor as my best friend, she always ALWAYS goes above and beyond anyone's remote ideas to make YOU feel the most special 
Team her up with the creative Meghan and her culinary skills, the end result is a perfect baby shower
With the help of a couple of my other girlfriends and my Mother's backyard... you really get the best of everything (thanks again, Mom!)

Thank you ladies, you blow me away with your love, support, friendship and care
I can't thank you enough!

 The hostesses
Check out our new cool stroller and tartan stroller blankie!

Miss Lila and her newest addition, Gavin! Only a month young!

Beautiful centerpieces by La Flor as always (lucky us!)

The MOST incredible and generous gift from Auntie Carrie - BIG surprise!
Navy blue to match Mama's car!

For little man Tate!

 Fun to think we just celebrated this beautiful brides bridal shower just two weeks before in this same space, 2013 is turning out to be quite a remarkable year for this group of gals!
 (Stay tuned for her engagement picture shots come early May - can't wait to post them!!!)

Some of the gorgeous gals I call my friends (and their lovely Mama's) - sorry but it's a membership qualification ;)

Fun little guessing game... check out that stud muffin #5 - cross that with Baby #3 and you may have out Tater Tot! 
I got 14 out of 17!

Hostesses of the mostess-es? - EMH, MNS, CJN, (Tate) and I

The adorable pea favors!

Told ya, it's a membership requirement!...

The delicious luncheon for a warm day

Can't wait until the shower that this sweet lady is hosting come May 10th with Brad's department friends!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

30 and 32 Week Update!

So... I got a tad bit behind in this, sorry about that!
Life has been happening:)

30 Week Baby Bump

Baby's Size?: An (English?) cucumber - I love these, delish
Due Date?: June 16th
Total weight gained/lost: Unknown
Exercise this Week?: Pilates and not veyr much of it!
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, ma'am, what would I do with out them?
Stretch Marks?: Nope, whew!
Belly Button?: Still in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On just fine, it was a cold week so not problems there!
Sleep?: Very little for me, the log sleeper
Best Moment of the Week: Spending my birthday in Carmel with pea family (Brad AND pups:)
Movement?: Lots and lots!
Food Craving?: Mango is back again!
Food aversions?: None
Morning Sickness?: Little bit here and there first thing in the morning. I have has little bouts of bile striking me which comes right up but that upsets my stomach for that short period until I throw it all up
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: Wine? Then again I had a glass for my birthday:)
What I am Looking Forward to?: Really just meeting this little man!

32 Week Baby Bump
Baby's Size?: A squash - fitting, right?
Due Date?: June 16th
Total weight gained/lost: 1.5lbs since March 7th, so 18lbs +/- so far - oh my
Exercise this Week?: Embarrassed to admit, none!
Maternity Clothes?: Yes,  but discovered these fabulous cotton stretchy dresses from H&M that are not maternity that I am SO in love with!
Stretch Marks?: None still, thank goodness!
Belly Button?: Still in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On 
Sleep?: Terrible! MY leg cramps are horrific and wake me up at least a dozen times per night now, it's awful! 
Best Moment of the Week: Ultimate snuggle sessions with Brad and feeling Tate move to him singing
Food Craving?: Cheeseburgers, yes you read correctly! I am so into them right now!
Food aversions?: Nada
Morning Sickness?: Still the same as 30 weeks, gross bile some mornings 
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: Not much, maybe the ease of shaving my legs?
What I am Looking Forward to?: My baby shower tomorrow! YAY!

I can't believe I haven't updated the blog in the last couple weeks, especially since there have been quite a lot of fun things going on!
My 28th birthday was April 12th and it was just perfect
Brad had to work the 11th to the 14th but managed to get the 11th off
We head to Carmel that evening after I got off work and had a wonderful dinner at The Cypress Inn
It was one of the only places open around 9pm for dins that allowed the pups inside the restaurant
I just adore Carmel and the fact that they are literally the most dog friendly town in the US
The hotel concierge spoiled the pups with biscuits while we sipped excellent wine and ate a crab and avocado salad and pasta, it was quite charming and enjoyable
Lame iPhone photo, but you get the jist!

The next morning I woke up when the pea pups rose at 9AM and took them on a nice stroll down to the beach so they could you know, do their thing...
We came back for their kibble and a inhaled a bagel since we all know I can't go two hours with out some complex carb then we all slept another hour - SO divine! (minus the queen size bed part...)

Once we got Dad up at 11, we showered and were off to brunch - eggs Benedict, our fave!
Here's the girl at brunch, don't let that face fool you, she was snacking on my ham ten seconds before...

The it was off to the beach for a whole lotta...

It was pretty chilly and overcast when we first got to the beach, but around 2:30 the cloud cover parted and out came the sun, perfection!
It was SUCH a perfect way to call in 28...
I love my little growing family to pieces

I promise I'll have an update Monday after my baby shower, I can't wait to see what the girls have in store!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

In this case it's to celebrate one of my very best and dearest friends, Lizzie as she is getting married in mid October
Honestly she's going to be the most beautiful bride ever, lucky me I know what her dress already looks like, ha!
Can't wait to share every itty bitty detail with you come October... SO excited!!!
It was so fun showering her, she is so gracious
We had a tea luncheon in her honor with lots of yummy treats, champagne and drinks
Take a peeksy!

Congratulations, Lizzie!

The lovely of loveliest brides to be!
Dress - Tinley Road at Piperlime

The invitation
By Wedding Paper Divas

One of the lovely centerpieces in a vintage tea pot

The bride and the hostesses
(Cait to the right is her sister and Maid of Honor)

Only one boy was allowed! Baby Tate!
Apparently I like to match the decor? Can you see me, do I blend in?

 Tea anyone?
My mother got to break out her teacups, always fun

 Lovely arrangement with the cake
Our group of grade school besties!

Toasting the bride after guests departed with the besties 

A fun game where you have to guess the celebrity bride and her groom - bonus points for full names - of course the bride got 1st Place!
Her gift? - a Kate Spade body lotion

The brides beautiful custom sapphire and diamond engagement ring!

The happy couple!
Of course he was beckoned to come pick up his bride, her gifts and to woo over us gals!

 That would be me, one of the hostesses and a lovely custom arrangement by La Flor Floral Creations (the bride's Mother)
Dress - Gap Maternity
Sandals - Tory Burch
Sweater - Tory Burch
Jewelry - Stella & Dot