Tuesday, May 28, 2013

37 Week Update

37 Week Baby Bump!
Full Term!
Baby's Size?: A wintermelon - aka a watermelon? Weird...
Due Date?: June 16th. My guess still stands at 6/20, Brad is placing his bets on June 14th. I wouldn't mind him making his grand entrance on June 1st now since that's my Tata's birthday or even June 11th since that's the date Brad proposed in 2011:)
Total weight gained/lost: 25lbs I think
Exercise this Week?: Mostly walking, but almost every day since my last post! I did swim laps yesterday at the club for the first time in my pregnancy at I felt GREAT! May go again today or tomorrow
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, ma'am! Not buying anything new that's for sure, but was sliiightly tempted to buy some shorts the other day when it was 85 degrees out
Stretch Marks?: None, yay!
Belly Button?: Barely in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On 
Sleep?: Eh, better since sleeping in my parents bed! It's so soft making it easier to sleep on my sides!
Best Moment of the Week: I would say it has to be when I had Brad, Logan, Shelby, Maddie and Tate all in bed together snuggling
Movement?: Yes, lots!
Food Craving?: Chocolate ice cream, this has been happening far more than I care to admit!
Food aversions?: Absolutely none this week!
Morning Sickness?: None! SO fantastic!
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: My energy!
What I am Looking Forward to?: Spending Brad's next days off together and moving back into our freshly painted house!

Monday, May 27, 2013

One Year!

My has one year flown by!
A year ago I made the best decision ever and married the love of my life, cliche as it sounds, it's down right the truth
I am so lucky to be where I am now, with my great and fun-loving husband and a little boy on the way
Hormones are high, but even if I weren't nine months pregnant, I know my eyes would still be welling typing this
I have found the one whom my soul loves
Song of Soloman 3:4

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ugly Baby

You didn't really think I'd post something about ugly babies did you?

We all know there are millions of uber cute baby things out there in the world, but have you stopped to think about the hideous ones?
Sit back and enjoy the following!

Who on Earth thought this was a good idea?
BTW it's a pacifier
Want one? Order HERE

Yes, let's dress baby like she's meant to be walking down San Pablo Ave...
Please don't, but if you must - HERE

Maybe not a "baby" product per say, but this was under the search under baby products on Overstock.com, you know because every baby wants to wake up from their nap to a terrifying wall decal of birds looking like they are about to attack!
Want one - sure go ahead! HERE

Maybe it's not just for me? I bet Snooky has the entire line!
Where to place your order? - HERE!

Yes, this is a cow utter baby bottle!
Indulge - HERE

Monday, May 20, 2013

House Paint: Update

Brad and I drove around town for an hour or so, coffees in hand and perused the neighborhoods on sunny Sunday
We finally settled on a colour scheme, check it out!
The painter should be done in about two weeks, in the meantime stay tuned for the final stretch:
3 Weeks, 6 Days until our due date!

And yes, that is D!
My first choice:)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All Our Bags Are Packed...

...We're ready to go?
Hmm... quite but not quite!
Let's make it to "full term" first (1.5 more weeks11)
Countdown to June 16th: 
31 Days!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Nesting Take I

Of course Tate has to come home to a freshly painted house, doesn't everyone get their house painted when they are nine months pregnant?
Brad and I drove by this house in Long Beach of all places back in 2008 and he fell in love with it's curb appeal
Fortunately but unfortunately I snapped a photo of it at the time and he still references it when we discuss painting our house
So wooden shutters and planter boxes are being ordered we have that planned, but the exact paint colour we absolutely do not have selected yet
I took the liberty of picking out four shades of "grey-ish, beige-ish, tan-nish, taupe-ish" for Brad to pick from and his response to them was: "I don't see it" - so we are stuck, officially stuck
The trim around the windows is going to be painted white, as are the fascia and column
The window boxes, shutters, garage and doors are being painted black
That we do know! The rest, the main part - is TBD

The house in Long Beach, CA

Here's a peek at what our house looks like now, yes that little house you see is purple 
Okay, maybe not purple, but for all intensive purposes we live in a purple house that is fading to pink from the sun, thank you previous owner for using cheap paint!

Our house, at the end of the street, our house...

Here's our front entry, the screen door is going, new oil rubbed bronze house numbers and door knocker, bronze mailbox and and new fabulous door hardware will all go up!
Also window boxes under these two windows and shutters on the small window with the wreath

Shutters will go on all three front windows as well as planter boxes under all four of these windows

Brad's options to choose from!

Benjamin Moore Paint Options:
A. AC-36 Shenandoah Taupe
B. AC-3 Texas Leather
C. 235 Oak Ridge
D. HC-77 Alexandria Beige

Options painted by our back door
Excited to have the new door with doggie door installed!
*Note the neighbor's house in the background... we don't want a colour too close to theirs, which has major green undertones

Another wall in the courtyard

My favorite is D. HC-77 Alexandria Beige - thoughts?

Brad hasn't seen these yet, so stay tuned!


35 Week Update

35 Week Baby Bump!
Baby's Size?: A coconut - this confuses me because don't you think a butternut squash is bigger than a coconut? Hmmm...
Due Date?: June 16th. My guess still stands at 6/20
Total weight gained/lost: 18lbs
Exercise this Week?: Yes! Go me! Walked the dogs for almost an hour yesterday and I have every intention of going to Pilates at noon tomorrow!
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, mixed in with regular clothes - wearing a medium shirt and dress now
Stretch Marks?: None still, but lots of scratches! Apparently I itch my belly and sides in my sleep?
Belly Button?: Barely in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On 
Sleep?: Same as last week, quite uncomfortable. I noticed that if I have an early commitment or something planned the next day I have a terrible time falling and staying asleep. Would do anything for a sleeping pill!
Best Moment of the Week: Probably yesterday morning being able to sleep in until 11am with not a worry in the world! However did immensely enjoy my lovely baby shower!
Movement?: Tons and tons still
Food Craving?: Turkey and cream cheese sandwiches on raisin bread still
Food aversions?: None
Morning Sickness?: None, yay!
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: I would do anything for a mai tai right now! Extra stiff!
What I am Looking Forward to?:  Lunch Friday with two great friends then Saturday fireworks baseball game with the hubs

Considering all the terrifying stories from friends and family members and all the horrific e-mails from The Bump, What to Expect, and all those other pregnancy websites - I've managed to stay calm and collected this week!
There are so many horror stories and symptoms they list that I have thankfully not experienced
 I find myself truly blessed to be just experiencing lower belly pressure, leg cramps and sleepiness!
Who would think?!
Like last week, I am still in full nesting mode, perhaps it's because of hormones but it also could be because I am home now and notice every itty bitty darned detail and flaw in everything
How do people do this? I am feeling totally neurotic about my home and surroundings - good grief!
I do not envy my poor husband, I am almost tired of myself, haha

I am off to go try and figure out what colour to paint our house, painter comes Monday - SOS!


Thursday, May 9, 2013

34 Week Update

34 Week Baby Bump

Baby's Size?: A butternut squash - are you kidding me?
Due Date?: June 16th - June 23rd - Any bets? I am guessing 6/20 for some reason
Total weight gained/lost: 18lb
Exercise this Week?: Ummm... none. None at all. Eek!
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, but mainly non-maternity now. Love me some H&M!
Stretch Marks?: None still:)
Belly Button?: Still in, but barely!
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On just fine again
Sleep?: I am a bit of trouble falling asleep, but usually do end up falling asleep around 2am from pure exhaustion. I am up every 30 minutes rotating like a rotisserie chicken
Best Moment of the Week: Coming home from New Jersey and seeing the pups!
Movement?: Tons!
Food Craving?: Turkey and cream cheese sandwiches on raisin bread. Come over, I'll make you one and you shall see!
Food aversions?: None
Morning Sickness?: Not much this week, yay! But did have a bit in New Jersey first thing in the morning
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: Sleep! Restful, sleep!
What I am Looking Forward to?: Our baby shower this Friday night with our friends and Brad's co-workers

The main difference I have noticed this week is how stinking tired I have been!
All tasks, big or small, seem to completely wipe me out and it doesn't help that I am in FULL nesting mode!
I've been trying to keep up, or more catch up, with client jobs and tasks around the house now that I am not working full-time anymore - but by 5pm it seems like I've lost the day
I need more time and energy to accomplish my to-do list before this little man arrives!

Some bad news, the crib we had picked out is on back order until 6/17/13 and the alternate is too - SO bummed! These were the contenders:


Cribs by tearose412 
Top: Skylar Crib - Pottery Barn
Bottom: Io Crib by Kalon Studios

Pottery Barn Mini Dot Crib Sheets - HERE

So now I am torn and don't know what to do! I am totally stuck and really cannot find anything else!
We literally have everything else!
Mattress and sheets thanks to my awesome friends Lizzie and Megan - they are super cute, right?!
Not only has exhaustion completely set in, but it seems like the moon and stars are NOT aligning for me right now!
I am trying to pretend those things are not happening and let the happiness set in that Baby Tate will be here in nearly six weeks! SIX!

38 Days!!!

To get myself in the mood and excitement, I have packed Tate's coming home bag and started on my hospital bag - also suggested by literally every pregnancy Ap, website, blog, etc. that it be packed at 32 weeks...

Here's a peek!:

Bringing Home Tate!

Bringing Home Tate! by tearose412 

Of course I ordered all three of us new matching Boat and Tote's from LL Bean the other day for our hospital bags, always exciting:)
 Tate's just says "Tate", mine the classic monogram, and Brad's in a cool modern "masculine: monogram (he'll LOVE it! Riiight!)

Tate's Bag:
-A bunch of our own newborn sized Honest diapers
-A Natursutten pacifier
-Two monogrammed layettes: one a pants set and one gown with matching hat
-Three cotton onsesies
-Cotton socks
-Scratch mits just in case
-Two cotton swaddle blankets
-A couple burp cloths

Next up is my bag, which I find this tricky since one I wear all my leggings, etc. daily so that will have to be a last minute grab and I know I'll still probably need maternity shirts, so again last minute things
Other than that I think I am pretty set with these "fun" things

My Bag:
-2 nursing bras
-2 nursing tanks
-2 maternity t's
-Maternity leggings
-Yoga pants
-Flannel PJ's
-Flip flops and slippers
-Fleece socks
-5 pairs of cotton underwear, oh joy!
-Tucks witch hazel pads
-Nursing pads
-Mother's Birth & Baby Oil
-Toiletry bag with my own shampoo/conditioner/body wash, hair-ties/headband, make-up, etc.
-My own pillow
-"Hooter Hider"
-My magnetic blanket

Dad's Bag:
-Change of clothes
-iPad and Bose earphones
-"Man" Toiletries
-Apple chargers
-Pillow and blanket
-Snacks - more for me than anything:)

I am feeling so prepared but SO unprepared at the same time!
By June 1st I was totally convinced that I would have our nursery completely set and ready to go
Right now we are missing the Roman shades and the crib, two vital parts that I am dying to see
I did order a new lamp for the changing table I am excited to share next, stay tuned...
One cool things is that our friend Mary is installing our carseat this Friday since she is a certified carseat installer at the police department:)

Promise I'll be back soon for more details and maybe a 35 week bump post since there's only six left!