Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swimming and Food Fun!

Yesterday Tate had his first swim lesson here in town and he did so well! He was the youngest in the Tadpole group at seven months and in my humble opinion the cutest! The Tadpoles swim their Momma's so I joined Tate in the hotter than Haiti pool for a little dip. We dunked once but someone wouldn't stop smiling which made him drink the pool so we'll wait on that for a while!
In the last month we've had so much fun with playing with food and there isn't much that this little man hasn't tried but red meat, dairy, nuts, and citrus. He loves EVERYTHING, from bananas to beets and he's all over it! We can barely keep up!
We're looking forward to being back in our house and for the 2014 Winter Olympics to start!
Go Team USA!
Perhaps the next Michael Phelps?

Seven Months - Swim!

Six Months - Food!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Captain Snuggle Pants

I want Tate to experience everything, like every parent wants. First swim lesson, check! Tumbling, check! Playgroup, check! But where does this end? Holy cow there isn't enough time in the day and most days I just want this:

Tate and I are REALLY good at snuggling, in fact if there were awards for best snuggler in the world, he would come up in second place (after his Momma).
Yes, all those playdates, tumbling sessions, and swim lessons are important however snuggling is the main priority in this household.
We have all the time in the world for those other things, but for now we're working on the nakey-naker, wet kisses, laugh so hard you pee your diaper/pants kinda snugglin'...
Feeling stressed? Stop by and join us!
T and T

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Six Month Photos

My in laws had their pictures taken with the three grandsons for a New Years card so we lucked out and got to have Tate's pictures taken around the six month mark. We are most definitely having the same photographer, Megan Small of Megan Small Photography take his one year photos. I adore them! 

Check out our little guy!

Seven and Then Some

Seven months has flown by. Tate takes up all my time but I wouldn't want it any other way. I do miss parts of my old job but I just know that being Tate's Mom full time was my calling.  I would trade stacks of work orders and fabric samples for diapers and laundry any day.  This little seven month old boy is incredible. His gummy smile and blue eyes melt my heart, and every one's around him. We live every day in the moment, life goes by too quickly now so I treasure every second. My heart is so incredibly full with him in our lives.

Today was a great day. It began with a sweet little seven month old baby boy sleeping until 7:45am then a brisk walk in the Ergo carrier with Auntie Carrie and "the Girls". After a nice three hour nap the three of us met my cousins for lunch al fresco followed by ice cream sandwiches at this darling little ice cream shop. And just because ice cream on a warm winter's day just wasn't enough, we headed off to wine taste at our local tasting room. Yes, perfection I know!

So here we are seven glorious months later. Lots of ups and downs trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing and pretending like I know what I'm doing. Whatever that is, I know one thing: this sweet baby boy is loved more than anything in the world!



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This Week's Blue and White Wish List

How darling are these salt and pepper shakers?
I am currently the highest bidder, fingers crossed please!
I just love Royal Crown Derby!

This was too cute to pass up on eBay for a steal at $19.99 - should arrive any day now!

 Thursday evening I picked up four Peace Lily's at Ikea (FYI - they are only $7.99 or a 5"!) - this would be perfectly suitable for one of them with some nice moss around the base
The Enchanted Home - HERE