Wednesday, February 27, 2013

All the Great Things!

What's best about blogging?
Sharing life's finest things!

Best friends babies

Great Dads

Best friends for over 40 years

Best friends for over 20 years

Old friends


Best friends, food and football(?)

Handsome hubs

Parents in plaid!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All the Pretty Things!

Do you ever see something super beautiful and you just want to share it with everyone?
Yes? Then start a blog!
Because I can do this now!

Katrina Rozelle lemon chiffon cakes!

Beautiful sunrises over the duck pond!

Orange, Blue and White...

"Art" I found on Pinterest

Magnolias in bloom!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Atherton Client: Mini Update

I really want to get this photographed soon, but want to put some final touches on it
Here is a bigger peeksy on a project I have been working on for the last seven months or so...

The entry here below welcomes you with a fun geometric gold, silver and pewter wallpaper
The client has incredible art by her mother in law and friend so punches of colour through out the house are just perfect
I chose Benjamin Moore's White Dove to be used throughout the house on all kitchen cabinetry, walls and trim
We spruced up a couple of the client's existing pieces like this mercury glass lamp with an espresso brown shade
The partiers are a luxurious white Irish linen that just barely puddle the floor
 Wallpaper by Cole and Sons
Partiers fabric from Pindler & Pindler
White console table by Bungalow 5

Here in the living room we used a white cable knit fabric on the client's existing reverse camelback sofas and accented the room with accent of lilac fabrics and polished nickel and brass accessories
Her cute gilt Louis chairs I had reupholstered in a lush white velvet with lilac and white chenille fabric pillows
The toss pillows are a play on texture with silk embroidery and linen and silk

 Sofa fabric by Pindler & Pindler
Chair fabric by F. Schumacher
Pillow fabrics by Cowtan & Tout
Rug by Merida

The family room is where we really played with colour...
The super comfortable Bergere chair and ottoman are a khaki, magenta and orange striped linen that is soft and durable
The client designed the custom wool Moroccan lattice area rug in magenta and orange to work with the fabrics through out - it sure is a fun punch!
We reupholstered her existing French and Knole sofas in a super plush dark espresso mohair fabric, it is utterly divine!
These lovely sofas are accented with a fun array of different bold patterned pillows in linens and velvets for a fun twist, the bolsters are my fave!

 Bergere chair fabric is by Manuel Canovas
Sofa fabric is by Pindler & Pindler
Toss pillow fabrics are by Manuel Canovas, Osborne & Little, Quadrille/China Seas, Lee Jofa
Lamps are Restoration Hardware (Purchased by client)
The brass end table is vintage from Isuwanees Furbish Shop
 Valances are a the same Pinler Irish Linen as the entry partiers accented with a Samuel & Sons tape

 Here in the powder room we painted over the client's existing wallpaper in a lacquered chocolate brown paint

Here in the kitchen dining area I went with a punch for the backs of the cabinets
The client's existing table adds a great natural texture to the otherwise sleek lines of the contemporary furniture
I custom designed thdse fun acrylic legged benches and had them done in an espresso brown patent leather
The chairs are covered in a magenta faux crocodile on the fronts, and a fun toned down chocolate brown ikat back fabric
Benches are custom
Bench fabric by Duralee
Chair seats in Fabricut
Chair backs in F. Schumacher
Chairs are by Pearson
Chandler by Jonathan Adler

Stay tuned for more pics from this fun project including the office, dining room, kitchen and boys rooms!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into Victoria Bray Interior Design!
I really need to get better about putting more work up, baby steps!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

24 Week Update

24 Week Baby Bump
Image from The Bump - HERE

Baby's Size?: A cantaloupe
Due Date?: June 16th 
Total weight gained/lost: Still not sure, appointment is next Friday the 8th, my guess is around 12lbs?
Exercise this Week?: Pilates and walked the pups Sunday afternoon
Maternity Clothes?: Yes - still loving yoga pants!
Stretch Marks?: No thank goodness 
Belly Button?: Still in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Same as last week, few and far between with mainly legs cramps now
Best Moment of the Week: Spa days with some girlfriends of mine laying by the pool feeling him move as I sipped cold cucumber water
Movement?: Yes, lots and I love it1
Food Craving?: No cravings anymore
Food aversions?: Not much
Morning Sickness?: Here and there, usually in the morning
Gender?: Boy 
What I Miss?: Still my energy, I am always sleepy
What I am Looking Forward to?: Putting together the nursery

This past week has been rough with a capital R!
Brad and I both had wicked colds that brought my already zero energy level down to a negative ten
I managed to squeeze in one Pilates class, only because I guilted myself for not canceling my two other ones and felt that I should at least show face
Fortunately the class was a breeze, which I am pretty impressed with myself about!
I would pay money to watch a 6 month pregnant woman do pike plank!
I can only image what people must think as they watch

Baby Tate has been playing The Karate Kid in my belly all week, he is so active and very predictable
Cold liquid, fruit consumption and 9am, 1pm and 10pm are his most active times
This past weekend I went to Indian Springs with two of my fellow pregnant girlfriends, and the entire time I was there he put on a show
I think anytime I eat, drink or am relaxed he likes to let it be known there's a new man in town!
I wish I would have recorded this below shot, you could see waves of movement across my skin...
I was hesitant to share this bump shot, as I know not everyone is "in to it", but hell this is my journal, I can laugh at it in another twenty years!

Happy Week to you all!

Indian Springs, Calistoga

Friday, February 22, 2013


Image - HERE

Are you a good tipper?
What rule of thumb do you stick to?
I've always considered myself a good tipper, but lately I have been questioning my judgement
Forever I have "timed the tax by two", which was always my parents rule...
In California (and in Alameda County specifically) our sales tax on all food orders is 9%
So let's say our bill is $43.10...
Meal: $43.10
Tax: $3.88
Tip: ($3.88 x 2) = $7.76
Total: $54.74
Seems about right?
(usually I round up to the nearest dollar, so in this case I would tip $8.00)

Well... say you have a lousy server or hey even a rock star, what seems right?

Server barely greets you, no eye contact, doesn't confirm order, no check-ins... stick to the rule?
Server goes above and beyond, everything is smooth, they are polite and friendly... same rule?
Doesn't seem right to me...
If I have an excellent server I always add an extra $10 or so, but is this even enough?
What about deliveries?

Here's a helpful article by CNN Money on tipping, I have found it to be quite helpful:

To sum it up I would say:
20% across the board!

*My manicurist always gets $7 for my $23 (gel) manicure, mainly because I have gone their for years and they go above and beyond for me

I'm okay with math, not great, but okay so all of the super awesome tip cheat aps for the phone are great, but... how awkward is that pulling out your phone to figure it out?

The WORST thing ever is when you're in a large group and the bill has to be split five ways, even worse when three people pay by credit card and the others by cash....
I am a HUGE fan of these new aps where one person foots the bill on their credit card and then the others can instantly transfer funds into their account -!

I am going to suggest it at our next outing with the girls, since that is always an easier crown to approach semi awkward things like this with!

I've never used any of these, so probably not the smartest idea listing them, so let me be clear stating that these are the ones I know in existence!

What's super cool is that it doesn't stop at the dinner table - but for roommates, etc. you can do the same for rent, utilities, etc. - how I wish I went to college in this generation of tech savvy!!

I would love anyones thoughts on this... am I being generous, or is this standard protocol?
I have never worked in the food industry but I know it is hard work!

Happy Friday, now go out and support this economy and get a good bite to eat!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bargain Find!

How pretty is this blown glass bowl?
I got it in the clearance section of Crate & Barrel with a gift card from our wedding
Only $20 from $70
I see a lot of beautiful pieces come across my desk by William Yeoward, Christofle, etc and this lovely piece sure is comparable!

Unfortunately they are sold out, sorry!

Too pretty not to share, can't wait to fill her with a large fruit salad at my next soiree!

Happy Hunting!

Nursery Update

So last time we left off, walls were looking mighty... interesting?
Looking better!

Someone's been busy these last few days off...
I must admit it is nice coming home to the sound of Pearl Jam and Mr. Shoe belting 'Alive' while finishing up the ceiling paint

It's old news that my lovely handsome husband isn't quite Mr. Handy, nor knows what a "Honey Do" list is
But once you show him how to do something, there's no stopping him, even when he's fighting this wicked cold through the home front!
We settled on Benjamin Moore's Old Navy months before we found out Baby Shoe is going to be a Tate
Paired with British Plaid or coral, it would have worked both ways
Swatch - HERE

Yes, that's my taping off job... and I did do the cutting in, thank you very much!
And fret not my friends, we paid the extra bucks and got Benjamin Moore's Natura Zero VOC Paint so it's safe for mama's to paint!

We decided to make a change and selected this carpet instead of the Blackwatch plaid, we just couldn't find the right shade of navy and green and this is spot on!
Stark Carpet - British Plaid in Scottish Green - Available through me

So that's about it for now, process is gradual, but we have plenty of time so no one is stressed!
Four months until we meet Baby Tate, and we can't wait!

Hope you all have a great day!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


This is what my head feels like

Brain is numb
Colds are rotten...
The Schuler household is out of commission this week

Excuse me while I mend

Stay warm and healthy!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Shoe Has a Name!

Tate's First Bubble

Tate's First Monograms

Tate Reynold Schuler
Whatcha think?
Reynold is my Dad's name, so we find it to be fitting, Tate we just love, it's short, sweet and strong!

Regardless, we love it and Baby Tate is already loved more than any little boy could ever be loved!

How stinkin' cute are boys clothes? Whoever said dressing girls was more fun never saw a baby boy in a bubble or Jon Jon!
If you love this little seersucker bubble as much as I do, take a look at Turtles and Sea's Etsy Shop!
They have SUCH fun things!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Tori (and Baby Tate:)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

22 Week Update and Nursery Fun (or not?)

22 Week Baby Bump

Baby's Size?: Papaya
Due Date?: June 16th 
Total weight gained/lost: Not sure, next appointment is in a month, my OB said to ignore the scale, so I am just following orders:)
Exercise this Week?: Pilates once
Maternity Clothes?: Yes, loving my Old Navy skinnies and yoga pants still
Stretch Marks?: No ma'am
Belly Button?: Still in but definitely looking a tad different, can't quite point out what it is, but it seems a tiny different
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On
Sleep?: Very interrupted between the terrible leg cramps and bathroom runs
Best Moment of the Week: Laying in bed when Brad got home from work and him feeling Baby Shoe kick, or had he likes to say, "quickening" (someone's been doing his homework:)
Movement?: Lots! Especially after breakfast and when I drink cold pineapple juice and fizzy water
Food Craving?: Still fruit and now dairy like cheese sticks and chocolate milk
Food aversions?: None right now actually
Morning Sickness?: Few and far between, pickled ginger is still my BFF
Gender?: Yes sir - Baby Shoe is a boy
What I Miss?: My energy, I am always sleepy
What I am Looking Forward to?: Holding him on my chest and smelling his little noggin

Excuse the mess to the left, yesterday our contractor started working on the baby's room!
Until Monday that room was our guest bedroom and host to the last bump shots...
Nothing too exciting is going on except for repairs done to our house which is nearly a hundred years old - things were NOT pretty behind the walls in there - it was quite unfortunate
After that not so fun stuff, he is putting up crown molding and prepping for paint
My, (no offense) not so handy husband has decided to take on painting the nursery himself and is going to try and convince my Dad to install wainscot with him - this should be interesting with a capital I!
This wainscot idea is all his idea, I am content with plain walls, but if it does happen, I want the wainscot at least 48" in height, it's already a small room, I don't want it looking squatty! 

I am hoping it's as easy as nailing this to the wall, but heavens knows, wish them luck!

Home Depot - HERE

Day One
A lovely California home built of non pressure treated redwood in the early 1900's, scary, huh?
Due to leaks in the exterior walls this was the result:

Day Two
Pretty impressive, huh?

Now that's what I call a diligent worker, just one guy in one day!

Tomorrow (Wednesday), he is taping off and texturing the walls
Thursday the crown molding and new baseboards go in...
Can't wait to share the progress!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Diaper Bags: Cheap and Chic

I've been perusing the diaper bag selections for quite some time and will be honest, there are not too many affordable options out there!
I decided to help narrow down the slim options by doing a little www research and have found these fun options:

For the chic and stylish Mama, a quilted purse disguised as a diaper bag is a great option
Nine Months to Grow, $175 - HERE

This very Chanel-like quilted pattern in a patent leather neutral is divine to me!
Comes in black too!
Overstock, $78.00 - HERE

Chic and modern but with a price tag to match
Rebecca Minkoff, $295.00 - HERE

Nothing fussy, simple and modern
Skip Hop at Wayfair, $53.98 - HERE

To be honest I think these Petunia Pickle Bottom bags are a little much, but for those who love those whimsical prints, this one's pretty cute
Petunia Pickle Bottom, $210.00 - HERE

Quite similar to above, but half the cost
Overstock, $89.99 - HERE

And last but not least...

My Steal
I got this in November through Kate Spade's secret sale for only $150.00 including tax and shipping!
I am so excited to break this baby in!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Kate Spade Secret Sale!

It is SO tempting to buy a bag on yet another one of Kate's great pop up sales, check out the goodies, aka, my faves...

The Cobbie Hill Little Minka- HERE

The Primrose Hill Goldie - HERE

I did snatch up this little beaut last sale and am loving it

The Cobbie Hill Ellen - HERE

Friday, February 1, 2013

Baby Shoe's Nursery Board

After finding out about the Royal Bebe months ago, I created a nursery board fit for both a Prince or Princess
My dear husband demanded we have everything on the board I created for the future Prince Spencer until I broke the news that the dresser probably ranged from about $2,000-$4,000 and a couple other items were well beyond our budget
(Read it HERE!)
So... with a little tweaking and arm twisting, I've managed to create this lovely space for our wee lad on a not so royal budget!

Baby Shoe's Nursery Board

Now for the deets!
First off, although a very tiny room, we are painting the walls a lovely shade of navy, particularly Benjamin Moore's Old Navy - of course using a zero VOC paint... 
Our contractor is patching up some old lathe and plaster issues and installing new crown molding to match the rest of the house... I am DYING to see the results!

For the new:
-We'll order the crib in a couple months from Pottery Barn (fingers crossed and starts align for some pop-up sale, perhaps?!)
-The area carpet we are ordering from Couristan through a local carpet dealer, it's an 8 x 10 bound Tartan plaid wool carpet and is probably my favorite piece in the room thus far!
-That sweet hot air balloon mobile is from Posh Tots, I MUST have this (time out: buying now...)
-I did pick-up a changing pad cover and matching crib sheets by Oilo at a baby shop close by my OB's office, talk about convenient?
-The cute little porcelain garden stool is a steal at Overstock, must have some blue and white in every room!
-The navy gourd lamp is from Shades of Light, I do have the same one, but in orange... not quite what I want in this room but may be a fun punch? Not sure yet... Got the same one on One Kings Lane sometime last year - keep your eyes peeled for me!
-The Moses basket is on my wish list right now, it's so sweet and perfect to have Baby Shoe snuggled up in with me from room to room

Luckily I can order a few things with my trade discount, which helps us cut some costs:
-I am ordering the roman shades from my trusty and local shades workroom with a great navy grosgrain tape along the borders, this is great because we can have them made with blackout lining since one wall is almost all window
-The beige Lee Industries swivel glider (with matching ottoman) will have a matching tape along the skirt hem 
-The Ralph Lauren light fixture I just ordered through Circa Lighting, it is Brad's favorite piece in the room so far!
-I plan on buying some Pindler fabric and making a monogrammed pillow myself, unless Etsy has something better to offer:)

Now for the "recycled" goodies:
-I have a pair of fox hunt prints from an old staging job of mine from years back that need a better spot... thinking above the glider
-We have the brass duck head bookends I picked up at the local antique fair that I just love, I think my parents may have the same ones
-What is even better is that we have a couple signed framed duck stamp prints by my Dad's favorite waterfowl artist as well as a couple great antique duck decoys too
-The sheepskin rug was given to me my my Aunt last year when I expressed interest in it... little did she know we had a bun in the oven and I knew exactly where it was going!
-As for the dresser, we have yet to find the "perfect" dresser/chest as of yet, but I am patient. I've been scouting antique stores, Craigslist and putting feelers out there from friends/family. We want something under 42"W, old, and hopefully with brass hardware

Well... that's all for now, I hope you like!



All details can be found on my Pinterest Board as well as clicking on the Polvore board above!