Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Weekend!

Good morning!
And most of all, Happy Weekend All!

Just leaving home now to head up to Tahoe for the weekend.
Last night was my lovely bridal shower with BRS' mother's friends
They were all quite generous and we had a splendid time, I'm one lucky gal!

Hope everyone has a warm and cozy weekend where it's wet and snowy and a happy and fun weekend where it's warm, like sunny Bentonville, Arkansas!
Looks like it's going to be in the mid to high eighties, lucky them!


Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Lovely!: Copper

When "done right", copper can be spectacular...
I just adore these touches here and there and would do anything (I say that too much!) for a copper hood. 
Look at me wanting wanting wanting when I have a nice kitchen already!
Ugh, typical American!

This designer
I have no idea who's design this is, I was perusing the real estate listings and came across this beaut! 
But go you, whomever you are!
Let's play Design Critic, someone didn't have her coffee!:
Love the details in this beautiful hood and absolutely envy the brass hardware and details through out
Bit of an awkward corner for the hood though?...
Image HERE

Adore this kitchen, check out those lanterns!
Not huge on that wash over the paint...
LOVE that niche cabinet!
Awkward windows above the cabinets? 
Would love to have seen more cabinets with mullions instead?
Image HERE

Utter perfection! Right?
Pissy pants me: could do with out that funky island side and that landing pad for dust above the fridge...
Then again I can guarantee that household doesn't dust their own shiz...
Image HERE

Oh, here I am, chopping lemons in my perfect kitchen...
Awkward windows, would prefer grass woven shades
Image HERE

Love this kitchen but the shape is a bit Zepplin-y for my taste!
Envy the tiled wall, slat ceilings and counters
Image HERE

Again, the dream list, rather have this than a Rolls:
Image - HERE

What I take from this and want in my kitchen?
-copper hood
-tiled wall
-dark stained island
-glass pane cabinets
What's that?
Get my head out of the clouds?

... I'll settle for these:
Available HERE

Here is a source for great copper hoods, I've never used them before but can see they have a tremendous assortment!
The Metal Peddler

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Wish List - Get Ready!

Is this big enough, can you see it?
That's right, March is at a close and that means my fabulous birthday month is coming right up!
In case you can't see this large enough, here it is again:

Oh and in case you can't access it there, here are some options:

Click HERE and I'll mail it to you!
Click HERE and I'll e-mail it to you!
Click HERE and I'll fax it to you!
Click HERE and I'll g-chat it to you!
Click HERE and I'll text it to you!
Click HERE and I'll iMessage it to you!
Click HERE and I'll iChat it to you!
Click HERE and I'll smoke signal it to you!

These are just a couple of things on my wish list, I understand if you don't have time to run out and buy something, checks are gladly accepted!
I know, I'm so accommodating

Right now Lilly has SO many cute dresses out there, I am dying for this striped number
I've been eyeing that jewelry box at Pottery Barn for ages, EMH has one and it's a godsend
That coffee table is to die for, it would be perfect in my living room, that Ikea number is no bueno, what you don't have coffee tables on your birthday wish lists?
Wait, what's that? You don't have a birthday wish list?
Pssh. Puhleeze.

I've never been one for gift certificates, usually because I like to give gifts that have some sort of inside meaning or significance, but how great would these gifts be?:
I think these are such fun options and you can get super creative with it.
Best part is, gifts like these remind the recipient of you all year long!
If you're on a budget and can't quite fork over the money for these there are plenty of other options:

Live locally?:
-Your own succulent of the month club: set a reminder on your calendar and pop into your local nursery and buy a small 4" succulent and drop it off on the front porch of the recipient with a pretty bow tied around it - easy $10.00 or less gift
Image - HERE

-Your own candles of the month club: I've recently been obsessed with tapered candles like the beautiful beeswax honeycomb and hollow straight taper candles from Knorr Beeswax - tie a pretty ribbon around a pair of candles with a sweet note and leave in on the front porch, such a fun surprise!
 Images - HERE

Live far away?
-Your own seeds of the month club: Check to see what grows best in the Farmer's Almanac or on any garden website like's and purchase seeds from your local nursery and mail them - easy $5.00 or less gift plus a stamp, who doesn't LOVE getting mail that isn't a bill?

Image - HERE

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Shoes...

Say what?
The Crew has striped shoes?
Say what?
The Crew has navy and white striped shoes?
Say what?
They're almost $300.00?
Le sigh.

Girlfriend got the shoes...
Of course I did, and not because I splurged
But because I have THE most incredible bridesmaids on this good green Earth.

Thank you ladies, from the bottom of my heart, I adore them and most of all I adore you!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tufted Everything!

Every home needs a touch of an elegant tuft, case and point:

Image HERE

Image HERE

Image HERE

Image HERE 

Image HERE

 Image HERE

Image HERE

Image HERE

Image HERE

Image HERE

Tufting can be done in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
My absolute dream item would be to have a intimate library with a tobacco stained leather Chesterfield sofa
How divine would that be?

There's something bourgeoisie about tufting, and I'm all over it!

Happy Tuesday... ugh it's only Tuesday?


Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend in Review...

Hangar One Vodka
Brunch in a treehouse
Fun Berkeley house colours
Detailed Alameda house

Mad Men Premier Party!

Fabulous weekend in these parts!
Hope yours was too?


Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games...

I was all looking forward to reading the Hunger Games come May 31st on our Honeymoon, but then this darned movie came out!
So... I downloaded the Kindle App on my iPad and am going to do some midnight speed reading,
Heaven knows I won't miss a good girls night tomorrow when all the gals are going to see it!

Speaking of Apps, as you already know I have a slight obsession with Apps...
Someone says, "There's an App for that!", I nod and agree... Because there IS!

I mean for goodness sake I have the Twilight Trivia App on my phone... so with the click of a "screen", there's already like four Hunger Game Apps in the App Store... GO FIGURE.

BRS' friend Mike's company, RadiumOne just created this awesome App called Via.Me that's makes it a cinch to share videos, pictures, etc. via the touch of a button, plus it has awesome ways to filter your photos, hello.awesome.

There's a Mad Men Cocktail Culture App where you can learn and be quizzed on how to make Old Fashioned's, Whiskey Sours, and a Tom Collins... let's just say this has come hand-y!

As you know my favorite App right now is Draw Something, my best friends favorite addiction is Bejeweled, I am obsessed with Hanging with Friends, Words with Friends, Family Feud, The Sims Free Play, Sudoku and Word Warp... 
AND there are a dozen or so fitness Apps for general gym-time, Pilates and yoga, I use them all the time for some added boosts to my work outs

Laying in bed at night went from quality snuggle time watching Sports Center to "hurry-up, it's your turn!" while I play one of the above and BRS reads some Wall Street Journal nonsense (probably shouldn't knock that?)

In any case...  what's taking over this world?

Apps, one at a time...

Now off to read The Hunger Games.





Enjoy your weekend!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

60's Dresses I MUST Have!

My favorite dresses from the 60's:

Ms. Trudy in Madmen...
Might ask my aunts to re-create this one for me down the road, you know since making my wedding dress isn't enough?

Images from

The lovely Jackie... navy, white and green, you simply cannot go wrong!

The perfect shade, don't you think?
Girls, let's bring back gloves!

Simple and divine!
VINTAGE 1960's Sleeveless Green Summer Dress
Vintage Green Dress - HERE

Shi-shi and chic!
Dress from Cabaret Vintage Image - HERE

Classic, comfortable and effortless...
Image HERE

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: My Bachelorette!

Good Morning!
Yes, I just made you scroll through all these photos to get to this...
I am truly the luckiest girl alive to have all of these special women in my life!
My Maid of Honor, CJN
The one responsible for making this all happen!
She can brighten anyone's day, in seconds flat
She has a giggle that most four year old's have but can run an entire medical office (or 14 women with wine in them, which is more taxing?)
I've known her for 23 years and out of those 23 years we never went more than 2 weeks talking to each other, and that's because this lady has been to South Africa two times...
Once of which she bungee jumped off Victoria Falls
I about keeled over and died when she told me
Her heart is generous, forgiving and loyal, I am too lucky to have pushed her on the swings in pre-school so long ago.

The rest of these beauts...
I've known them for anywhere between 3 and 20 years, jealous?
Yes, I know.
Grade school besties to old co-workers, I count my blessings daily
This past weekend I honestly had at least a dozen quiet moments to myself where life hit me, I was flooded with joy and happiness that I have these wonderful women in my life, forever.

Delicious dinners
Heartfelt cheers
Incredible wine
Generous gifts
Scrumptious treats
Delectable shared lunches
Unbelievable spa treatments
Ab clenching laughs
Cardio fitness dancing
Snuggles by the fire
Thoughtfulness in general...

My weekend was pure bliss

And for this, I thank all of my girlfriends...

I hope everyone has women like these in their life like I do, I am truly blessed in every way.

Have a wonderful day!


*Ps. These photos all belong to me, please get my permission before using elsewhere, thank you!