Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What I'm Good At

I'll be the first to admit I am horrible with money.
It's always as if it is literally burning a hole in my pocket.
It was only fitting for me to go into an industry where you get to spend other peoples money...
And I am darned good at it!
Makes me also think I should also be someones personal shopper?
I think I have great taste in food, literature, and once I get to know someone, their clothes and style.
Maybe because I am not "allowed" so spend any money, Brad I hope you're not reading this I shop for my friends...
It's like playing make believe
Pathetic I have memorized all my best friends shoe and clothing sizes.

Just today at lunch I found this that EMH MUST own:
Anthropologie Vase - $28
Available - HERE

Found this later online that she MUST have as well!
Available - HERE

A little must have for CGK...
Paper Source
Available - HERE

This dress with a faltering cut out in the back for ACM to wear to my shower:
Anthropologie Dress - $118
Available - HERE

Great contemporary woven floor mats by this awesome company, Chilewich
Would love these in front of my cousin's kitchen sink:
Chilewich Woven Mats
Image from Chilewich and Available - HERE
Also sold at The Garden in Berkeley, The Ferry Building and in Healdsburg

All this on my quick lunch break on Fourth Street in Berkeley...
Can you imagine what I would get accomplished if this were my full time job?
Holy moly.
Off to go spend someone else's money on carpet... til then!