Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's Been Going On...

Apparently a blog post every single day in April was a bit much to take on after all 
I was on such a roll too, at a good 22 posts, darn time!
Besides planning a wedding, I have this thing, it's called a j-o-b
I fluff pillows, listen to people's problems, install art and drapery, and then I stare at numbers ALL.DAY.LONG
Every once and a while a bit of fun comes my way, like this for example:

This year, my boss and I are participating in the Children's League of the East Bay's Heart of the Home Tour
We chose two small spaces in a large Piedmont estate and got to re-design them
We did create new drapery, tortoise stick slat shades, a new headboard and dust ruffle, reupholstered an old fun double wing chair and created a few pillows
Other than that, I got to shop from my bosses plethora of antiques and objets d'art in his 1891 Victorian
Lucky me!
Here's a sneak peek into our space, I'll post actual pictures soon!

Sorry I've been MIA!


I had THE most lovely shower Sunday, I'll do a post soon! x

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