Thursday, May 17, 2012

Setting a Ladies Table

First of all girlfriends, learn how to set a table!
Even if it's plastic-ware, nothing says, "let's eat" than a nicely set table
Go ahead, place the spork on the left, it's okay
(and yes, there is a whole webpage dedicated to the spork)

My first tip when setting a table (besides the aforementioned place-setting) is:
Layer fabrics, dishes, and flowers the more complex details, the more the personality
Don't get me wrong, this girl loves plain white, as my china is Wedgwood White, but even all white can be layered and beautiful
Setting a Ladies Table

All items in this set are available here: Setting a Ladies Table 

Wedgwood White Available - HERE

For those of you who were not forced to set the table at the ripe age of three, here are some helpful place setting guides
Not that you have to memorize these or anything, but it's not a bad idea :)
I have a copy of these from Replacements in my recipe binder at home for quick reference:

Setting a Breakfast Table:

Setting a Ladies Luncheon:

Setting a Family Dinner:

Setting a Formal Dinner Table: 

Setting a Buffet:

Sferra has THE most beautiful table linens known to mankind, or at least to me anyway
I would do anything for a set of their Classico ivory linens
Their quality is superior to any other company I have seen in retail stores, hands-down
Sferra Linens Available - HERE

So, next time you decide to host a little fete, consider ironing some cloth napkins, setting out your spork and flippy cups in a pretty manner, it will make all the difference in the world
Or at least to me if you decide to have me over:)

Happy Hosting!