Friday, June 15, 2012

Dream On

And... we're back!
While honeymooning, I downloaded the Ap for my iPad so I could see if we could eventually afford a dream summer home in Kauai
Instead, I got a little carried away looking at dream home ideas in... 
Holy moly do Atlantians(?) know how to build, and build BIG!
Take a step into this ten millioner!

Hello, and welcome to my humble abode, please take a step up my beautiful flagstone steps:

Get your suits on, pools ready and so are the mojitos:
 I'm sure you need a swim break, come relax in my pool house:

What's that? Swimming has you famished? Let me whip you up a sandwich in my fully equipped pool house kitchen:

Lunch by the pool! 

Oh little darlings, just hang out and watch Avatar from the hot tub:

Stroll up the stairs to the sleeping quarters:

Lovely guests, please stay a while, your suite awaits you:

Wash up, it's almost time for cocktails:

  Time for those cocktails in the cocktail lounge:

Care for a round of pool, losers cook dinner:

But you'll be subjected to this ill kitchen:
Side Note: Holy cow that hood!

But please do grab a bottle or two of wine from the cellar:

Dinner at eight! Please wait in the parlor...

Or would you care to wait in the other living room?

Eight sharp!

Time to work off that dinner from last night, let's get a session in with Claude, our personal trainer in our gym:

Goodness that was exhausting! Let's relax in the sauna for a bit then take a dip in the spa before our putting practice:

Care for a little one on one?

Movie time!

Little one, lay your pretty head on this pretty pillow...

 What a weekend, time for a long bath and some shut eye!

All jokes aside, these floors, not a detail missed!!!

Beautiful details!

In these parts, an estate like this would go for well over ten million given our proximity to the Silicon Valley and San Francisco
I just can't believe this home, they sure did not skip any details!
It is quite grandesque with out feeling the tiniest bit stuffy
The landscaping is mature and oh so divine
Why would you ever leave?
For heavens sake it would be like living in a boutique hotel!

It's yours for a meesley ten mil
All images are from and Mark Baggham, contact him here:

...excuse the over abundance of photos, every corner you turn there is just something else that is just breathtaking, I couldn't help myself!


  1. When do you move in? How dreamers can dream...

  2. I will visit soo much that you will just extend the guest house to us.