Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Week in Pinterest Meals: Thursday

So, I'm a little late on this post today as I was at the ballgame with some friends and my parents
The Oakland A's beat the NY Yankee's!
 GO A's!!!!
This was an extra special ballgame because today was the 7th annual Dog Day game
If you haven't been lucky to attend or haven't even heard of Dog Day, it's the day where you can pre-register and bring your pup or hound to the ballgame
There is a fun Pup Rally before in the parking lot with a little goody-bag and some other fun give-aways, then all 718 dogs and owners walk around the entire ball field, too fun!
People from all over bring their pups dressed in the sweetest A's apparel, ever!

Here's our girl!

The Seester's, Elenor (Ellie to her pals) and Miss Bella

Mom and Elie

My sister, (my parents pup) Madeline (better known as Maddie by her peers)

Dad, Shelbers and I

Shelby and I, no luck getting her to sit still

Dad and Mad!

SAF. Bella and CJN

A Week in Pinterest Meals!

Now to the food!
Who doesn't love a good hearty day's worth of some delicious FOOD!
I'm in the Italian mood today and am craving this delicious chicken cacciatore and a few other things...


Breakfast: Steel Cut Oats
Where have I been? 
This Pinned recipe was originally from How Does She? the fantastic food, fashion and lifestyle blog...
You'll thank me later:
I absolutely love oatmeal, cream of wheat, and steel cut oats, this is yet another perfect way to make them, enjoy!
Stel Cut Oats - HERE

Lunch: Tomato Soup
These have been some of the cooler days of SUmmer this past week, nothing better sounding to me than a hot bowl of tomato soup!
This recipe is delish and quite filling, no grilled cheese necessary
When I was younger, I dreamt of owning my own gourmet grilled cheese/tomato soup and shave ice shop in Hanalei - this would have been served!
And this ladies and gents, was pinned from yet another freaking AMAZING blog:
And you'll thank me again!
Tomato Soup - HERE

Dinner: Healthy Chicken Cacciatore
My bottle of Marsala has been laying around forever, for some reason I feel like that increased the yumminess factor a bit, maybe?
This awesome recipe was featured in Women's Health Magazine where you can find tons of great other recipes
Healthy Chicken Cacciatore - HERE

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  1. I remember when we used to eat cream of wheat in your dorm!