Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sun setting behind Alcatraz

It has been quite tough lately trying to think of fun cheerful posts, so please excuse my absence
I just realized as typing this, the photo above sets quite the dramatic tone, doesn't it?
So here it goes...
As I mentioned before, my father suffered from what doctors though was TIA, which now they believe was an actual stroke, not a mini
Dad is doing just fine now, but the very thought of anything happening to him ever again makes me weak and upset
It is the most difficult thing in the world to have sickness and heartache in your life, especially when it comes to family as some of you I am sure know
The first and biggest scare in my life was my nephew being diagnosed with brain cancer when he was a mere 5.5 years of age, I was 13 so life was already complicated enough
I'm happy to report he is 18 now and as awesome as can be
He's the handsome devil who played Somewhere Over the Rainbow on his ukulele as my Dad walked me down the aisle in May
I love my family to pieces, I get those Monday blues after getting to spend the weekend with them every time, it never fails

I am so thankful my Dad is home, recovering and even beating me in Cornhole
Yes, I wish this wouldn't have happened to us, but I thank God for helping us through this and opening our eyes to a healthier lifestyle (that of very little salt and butter - insert theatrics here)
My friends and extended family have also been so wonderful and supportive, they are the best listeners, thank you
 I love using this eight by ten inch rectangle to share my thoughts on, even if Mom may be my only regular reader, it's nice to purge (no wonder our phone calls are shorter now, you're bored with me! - duh!)

Other new things going on lately are that I no longer work Friday's at the design firm, just Monday through Friday which is quite nice
I'm actually super excited about it, now I have a little extra time to spend with my family, home and dogs
 Also, more time to focus on my own interior design and potted plant businesses, and hey, maybe even the blog?
Well, that's all for now, if you've stuck around?
Here's a fun fact for those who have:

Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks otherwise it will digest itself

See, worth it, right?



  1. Your mom is definitely not your only reader! I love you Tori, always look forward to seeing you, your family and of course look forward to your posts :)

  2. Thanks, Sar! I love you, thanks for reading:)
    Woohoo, I have another regular follower!

  3. You have another one right here! Your blog is on my toolbar and part of my daily checks, duh!

  4. Hi Tori. Your mom turned me on to your site a while ago. Now I look forward to each post. I love your style- ideas- and words...and this one really touched my heart. Thank you for sharing a little part of your life with me... love you...Aunt Sandy

  5. Thanks ladies! I am so happy you check for updates! Thank goodness I have you all as my test subjects:)

    Aunt Sandy, I am so happy you follow. I am glad I am able to share tid bits of this and that with you. I hope you had a wonderful birthday, I'm sorry I wasn't in touch! Love you so much! xo