Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello! I'm Baaaack!

Clearly I've been a little MIA, my dearest apologies!
With our wedding and honeymoon over and the summer madness, I just lost the focus and train of thought to keep posting

It killed me every time I would eat a delicious eggs Benedict, sip a new wine or see a new flick and not be able to share it on my blog

So, here I am!

But before we get to the goodies...
I would like to give my all my love, prayers and support to those friends, families and fellow American's on the East Coast.
May you be warm and dry, united with loved ones, and up and running quickly.
Just know that your friends on the West Coast support you and please know we are praying for you all!

This post is going to be a little of this and a little of that since I've been gone for so long
A bit like a catch up on my recent fun finds!
Since I haven't shared any incredible things since, um August (sorry!), I'll get right to it!

Speaking of great things to share, here are some incredible Craigslist Finds I found while perusing the furniture section for a China cabinet for my living room:

Check out this adorable French Buffet and Mirror for $625, would be so cute in an small entry as a catch all

Ideally I would have this adorable piece to hold my crystal and china in so I can free up some cabinet space in my kitchen:
Image - HERE

I did consider a secretary, as I have always loved my mother's right when you walk through the front door, but I am really in need of space for china and crystal, not correspondence storage.
But how cure is this secretary in black?:

I mean in a dream world, or hey even my future home would have a servery or butler's pantry to store my goodies, I just love these:

I'd take this one tucked back to the left any day:
Image - HERE

And of course there is one of my all time favorite spaces I featured here:
Image - HERE

This is too adorable:
Image - HERE

Loving this, what a beautiful shade of green:
Image - HERE


I was a little under the weather the other day and had recently discovered Zara's new home collection... this combo called for a Polyvore board!
You MUST go check out their fun things, simply the easiest way to chic up a flat in seconds!
I had also been helping a friend browse for new living room rugs and found some awesome finds on Overstock like this one below for only $425!
Details - HERE


Now to one of the most exciting things that has happened around these parts in a while is one of my best friends engagement to the most wonderful man

Congratulations Lizzie and Joe!

And check out her gorgeous engagement ring!
An oval sapphire flanked by two half moon diamonds, to die for!

So ladies and gents, that's it for today, hope you stayed til the end for that beauty above!
Thanks for being so patient and to those friends of mine that were the ones who encouraged me to start back up again!

Have a wonderful day!


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