Thursday, November 1, 2012

World's Biggest

Back in 2011 Jim and Kelsey Bryson set the world record for largest/heaviest pumpkin, how crazy is this?
1818.5 lbs!!
I have always been fascinated with "World's Largest (insert here)"...
I mean come on, this is 'Merica - BIGGER IS BETTER!
Okay, I do not live by this motto, but how cool are these?:

Image and Info - HERE

This is the largest home in the world, it's in Antilla, Mumbai, India
Do you know HOW big that really is??
Image and Info - HERE

And meet Rupert, world's largest cat
Weighing in at over 25lbs!!
Image and Info - HERE

World's largest rice crispy treat!
Good havens this is enormous, I just made a double batch on Monday and arms cramped up, can you imagine mixing enough for this?:
Image and Info - HERE

So obviously when talking about rice crispy treats, BIGGER IS BETTER!

Have a wonderful day and Happy (almost) Friday!


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