Thursday, December 27, 2012

What is in a name?

Baby Schuler is due mid June and so so so many things have been on the mind besides the health and happiness, but...

Here's what's first: 
What to name this little bundle of joy!?

I am not afraid to share our names with you, so here we go:

If she's a sweet girl:
Greta Rose
Molly Rose
Heidi Rose
(Rose is a strong family name, plus I like it, can you tell?)

If he's a little man:
Griffin "Finn" Reynold
Spencer James
Tate Randall
(middle names are all family names)

I guess we'll eventually have to narrow it down, not sure how though, we love them all

A name is SO important to me, it is the first representation of who you are to those who don't know you
I can't help but think about their college applications, first resume, all those things that help form a first impression
I love strong masculine names, and these were what the dear husband and I could agree on!
We may be able to find out whether Baby Shoe is a boy or girl this week, so stay tuned!



Blocks image from HERE


  1. They are all great! Personal faves?

    Heidi and Finn!!! :)

  2. Those are all wonderful names it will be hard to pick a winner!

  3. Ok now that we know baby S is a he I put my vote for Griffin. I like Finn!