Friday, January 18, 2013

Neutral Baby

Neutral Baby

Lately I've tended to get carried away perusing the baby sections online so it's probably a good idea we (more, I) do not know the sex yet
In the meantime, I can't get over the sweet, sweet gender neutral things there are out there
I'm not a huge fan of pastel green and yellow as gender neutral, rather the neutral tones like grey, beige, cream, etc.

I have found so many lush cashmere baby things I just want to cave and buy, but let's face it, cashmere is pricey and baby will wear it for what, a month max?
So this Moses basket lined in cashmere seems like a wonderful solution to the cashmere crave I have!
I mean come on, if Mama wears it, so shall baby!
I'm thinking coral cashmere throw if a girl, watchman plaid if a boy - don't you agree?

Cannot wait until the 28th!
Boy or girl?


1 comment:

  1. My guess for you is boy! I don't know why...super random...LOL.

    That basket is presh. Cave and get it now! :)