Monday, January 21, 2013

What to Wear: 10 - 20 Week Baby Bump

Right now I am in this super awkward inbetween sizes stage of pregnancy
I still do not quite need full paneled pants, maternity shirts, dresses, and what not
But really, nothing feels comfortable - my old jeans feel too tight, almost like you wore your fave pair of skinnies to Thanksgiving, catch my drift?
I have been wearing what I like to call "my uniform" pretty much every day until I walk through the front door at 5:30 and slip into the jammers...

Let's just say, this works!:

What Works

Stylish. I know, right!?
To be honest, anything that is remotely tight fitting on my belly feels extremely uncomfortable
It's like it's a constant reminder that I have to pee, so no thanks for now!
I did splurge on a pair of adorable Hudson's but even in their smallest size, they fall down constantly, it's because they have no waist, really and obviously no belt loops - you've been warned
Don't tell the hubs, but that may have been a complete waste of $... (too much to list)

For those ladies out there that are in my boat and pregnant through a "winter" this is what I can 100% recommend buying:
(by winter I mean 50 degrees like here in California, or for those elsewhere, Spring perhaps?)

I really hope this helps any of my future and current friends expecting, I am so glad I got loads of hand me downs from a close friend, it put the brakes on me buying anything else and wasting more money!

-Leggings, lots and lots of leggings, I'm talking the $9.95 kind at H&M

-Long, soft, cotton shirts - Your old ones will work fine, if not, Splendid, Old Navy, something soft, because as your skin starts to itch like mine is (stretching maybe?), soft cotton is a must!
Splendid - HERE

-A vest - For me my plaid puff vest hides my bump/bulge. For those of you like me who don't really look pregnant, more like you ate too many burritos. This also keeps your bump warm and works with leggings and boots or athletic shoes. Land's End runs large, my small vest fits perfectly still
Similar at Land's End - HERE

I will say, this is the first week (18/19) that I feel like I really have that "bump", I still don't think of it as cute by any means, but it sure makes BRS happy
It's a constant reminder (that and my indigestion and gas) that Baby Shoe is in full growth!
We are so in love and blessed, we just can't wait until we meet this little sweet pea
Today marks the one week mark until we find out if Baby Shoe is a girl or boy!
Anyway, Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!
Enjoy your time off if you get it!



  1. Would you believe it's too hot to even wear leggings and boots most days here? Insane, right? I just bought a cheap (old navy) pair of maternity low rise skinnies last week and LOVE them. I love them mainly b/c they roll up into cute crops for hot days. To be honest, I like my old navy low rise maternity jeans more than my Joe's jeans that are full panel. I believe they may have been a waste of money as well, dearie...I feel your pain.

    Excited that you feel like you have a bump now! :)

    1. SO bummed we wasted all that money, boo! So spill... which pair at Old Navy? I am curious because I have a pair my friend gave me that I like, not love. They fall down too, but I think because they aren't my size. They are called the Skinny Smooth Panel...

      Let me know!