Wednesday, March 27, 2013

28 Week Update!

28 Week Baby Bump

Image - HERE

Baby's Size?: An eggplant (not my favorite veggie to say the least)
Due Date?: June 16th
Total weight gained/lost: We shall see April 11th! My guess? 17lbs (eek)
Exercise this Week?: Pilates 2 times and smaller dog walks
Maternity Clothes?: Yes and LOVING my leggings!
Stretch Marks?: No thank goodness, but I have not skipped a day of moisturizing like crazy!
Belly Button?: Still in
Wedding Rings On/Off?: On but not after a walk, my fingers are little sausages, like those nasty viena kind!
Sleep?: Getting there... still crappy but better. Got that Leachco Back n Belly pillow but haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet!
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing my Mimi at her 80th B-day party and meeting my cousins new babies, Dominic and Hailey - SO SO SO super sweet. 6 and 7 weeks old! :)
Movement?: Tons and tons and loving it!
Food Craving?: Strawberries
Food aversions?: None anymore
Morning Sickness?: None, just heartburn now!
Gender?: Boy - Baby Tate Reynold
What I Miss?: A cold margarita
What I am Looking Forward to?: Again finishing up the nursery and meeting my little Tater Tot

This week I have really felt as if there truly is another body I am carrying around
I mean, obviously I've know he's there, but now he makes it so apparent and my belly just sticks out there!
I can't wait to meet this little man, I can tell he's going to be so happy
He responds to me singing my daily "Good Morning sweet peas" song to the pups every morning, he enjoys the patter of the shower water on my belly like I do on my head, and he even gets antsy pants when I sit still for too long
This boy is mine!
Dad is over the moon excited, he literally beams when he speaks of his son, it's as if nothing in the world matters but me and Tate even if we hog the bed, toss all night and have THE worst gas in the world
This is a great year so far and I am overly blessed!

I hope this week is a wonderful one for you!


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  1. Love the update. And "Tater Tot" has to be the cutest baby nickname ever!!