Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

March is "it's my birthday" month in the Schuler household
I spent March 7-10 letting the birthday boy milk it, after all it is the last year our birthdays will probably be a big deal!
We enjoyed a great meal full of wackiness and jokes with our close friends we have made through the years at his work at the House of Prime Rib
You really cannot go wrong with a delicious meal from this long standing treat in San Francisco, we feast here as a family at least two times a year, it's all just too fun 
Saturday evening we spent another evening with celebrating Brad and our friend Mike's birthday with close friends from home at a local restaurant, Dragon Rouge and our friends bar, The Churchward after, again too fun - the hubs was a happy man with all his closest friends acting his goofy self
These two are complete and total hams - love them!

Happy Birthday Month Mike and Brad!


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