Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swimming and Food Fun!

Yesterday Tate had his first swim lesson here in town and he did so well! He was the youngest in the Tadpole group at seven months and in my humble opinion the cutest! The Tadpoles swim their Momma's so I joined Tate in the hotter than Haiti pool for a little dip. We dunked once but someone wouldn't stop smiling which made him drink the pool so we'll wait on that for a while!
In the last month we've had so much fun with playing with food and there isn't much that this little man hasn't tried but red meat, dairy, nuts, and citrus. He loves EVERYTHING, from bananas to beets and he's all over it! We can barely keep up!
We're looking forward to being back in our house and for the 2014 Winter Olympics to start!
Go Team USA!
Perhaps the next Michael Phelps?

Seven Months - Swim!

Six Months - Food!

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