Monday, December 19, 2011

Over Indulgences

Happy Monday everyone!
This past weekend was over-the-top for me food-wise. I pride myself on eating healthy and nutritious food all the time and even know when to realize I am full. Well… all bets are off when it’s a girl’s weekend. 
Friday night MNS made chicken pot pies from scratch. It being 35 degrees out and we couldn’t figure out how to work the heater in the living areas, this was a perfect meal. Sounds healthy, right? Well, jalapeno artichoke dip, double Gloucester cheese, garlic cheese spread and three bottles of champagne beforehand… not so much. 
Saturday morning we dug into my banana pancakes and mimosas… and for dinner, a generous spread of more cheese followed by some fabulous pizza. MNS is the same friend who approved my choice in a Syrah with our salads. She also lived in Italy, so needless to say this girl knows how to make a darn good pizza (or three in our case) – oh and yes some wine to wash it all down. 
Sunday we rolled out of our warm down covered beds, out of the cabin to the closest Starbucks. Apparently my coffee making skills were not up to par with my dear friends taste buds. Mind you I was working with a coffee pot circa 1985. We hurried back to enjoy a delicious frittata made from the pizza leftovers – heaven! 
Let’s just say that today is a leggings kind of day. Hopping on my scale was a terrible idea this morning, and I do NOT recommend owning one to anyone. They are SO overrated! Do yourself a favor and skip the scale and go straight to the jogging shoes on a morning like today. 
I started today with my multi vitamin, fruit and veggie chewables, my teaspoon of cod liver oil, a probiotic, a pear and half a grapefruit. But then this baby comes this morning with yours truly on the “to” label. Courtesy of the great staff at the Witford showroom. Thanks guys! 
So much for my attempt at a healthy Monday!

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