Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Well Dressed Table

Working on our wedding registry I have become completely obsessed with tablescapes. 
Not only that, I have become so fearful of commitment, and no not the getting married part! 
Commitment to a pattern for life! 
Hence my final decision to register for the plain ole Wedgewood White
This way, I can interchange colours, chargers, and placemats throughout my life. P
ink peonies certainly do not match everything!
How gorgeous are these tablescapes? 
There is nothing better to me than a perfectly set table, delicious food and good company. 
In fact, maybe the gorg tablescape will be so stunning that no one will notice the salty mishap in the kitchen leaving a less pleasant result to your countless hours of work… right?
 I'm so excited to host my first dinner party as VRS!

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