Friday, December 30, 2011

I Dream(t) of... a Magical Bedroom

As a young girl and teenager I "hated" my parents for the built-in bed in my bedroom. 
This prevented much furniture arranging so my custom (as in my Dad made it) Barbie house took the brunt of that hobby. 

My Barbie house matched our house decor, which matched my Laura Ashley drapery, bedding and carpet. I would carefully cut and sew window treatments and bedding to suit the season in my five foot high mansion. 
Oh and when I say hate, I only mean for thirty seconds. 
Mom, if you’re reading this, you know I’m only kidding, since you would always say, “hate is a strong word”... and I agree:)

I honestly think that letting children express themselves through art is necessary.
 What not a better way to let them then in their bedrooms? 
There are so many great ideas out there and we can’t be afraid of colour! 
My first recommendation would be: Upholstered headboard! 
Okay, well at least that's what I look back at and wish I had.
 Maybe I wouldn't be as wonky as I am today if I wouldn't have hit my noggin on that hardwood every night after reading? 
Or maybe not... 
Secondly: A theme. 
And no, not Star Wars or Princess-whatever. 
Some type of subtle reoccurring theme like dogs (see above), or Morrocan nights, a treehouse, circus or travel theme. 
And if Star Wars is a MUST, then how about the sweet Star Wars themed bedroom below?! 
Not all themes have to be over the top, like I said subtle!
Oh and... Have you seen the the I'm A Giant Challenge?
Check it out HERE... SO fabulous!
Any girl (or boy's) dream come true!
When I have a daughter I am so taking this on with her!
Cool Mom? - YES!
Only one day left in 2011 - chat tomorrow! 
(Photo Credit: HERE)
(Photo Credit: HERE)
(Photo Credit: House Beautiful)

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