Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Fair. Not.At.All

That's it. I throw in the towel! 
I eat SO healthy, I exercise, I take multi-vitamins, cod liver oil, vitamin D, a probiotic and drink tea and water like it's going to run out... 
And I'm sick.
It's not fair. 
I just bought a bottle of Jarrow Forumlas 'Wellness Optimizer' and took three. I'll take three more around 4pm then three more before bed. 
Maybe this is the new wonder drug, I'll review it Monday if I am still alive.
How is this possible?
Sneezing all day yesterday and now today my nose is stuffed up.
I blame BRS, and those nasty germs he brings home. And now I am going to be treated like I have the plaque, it's not fair. Tomorrow I leave at 1am to go duck hunting too, this should be interesting.
All you healthy people who have been able to dodge these colds, don't talk to me. I am pissed.
Okay, done venting. How's that for a blog post.
(very raged beauty?)

Days like this I need all the luck I can get, how cute is this?:
Available HERE

Happy Friday the 13th... 
Am I even allowed to say that? 
I'm the superstitious kind, not the find it lucky kind...

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  1. This is awesome. Im sick too. Sucks. Tell me how the drugs work.