Thursday, January 12, 2012

Contemporary Design


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With patio furniture orders bombarding my desk as Spring is right around the corner (or as it feels like it is here in the SF Bay Area right now) I can't help but admire all of the beautiful contemporary architectural designs out there.
I am a huge traditionalist at heart, but this doesn't mean I do not admire contemporary art and design.
 If anything, I love contemporary art mixed in with traditional design more than anything.
Always have, always will!

This first photo below is a high end construction company we work with quite a bit.
The architect did a phenomenal job incorporating the outdoors with the indoors.
On an estate like this, privacy is of course no issue.
I just love the Fermob line, check out these colourful pieces that comes in these scrumptious colours!

How fun would it be to snatch a number of these chairs in multiple colours?
Yes, please!
And everyone needs a bar cart right?
Must have my mojito on warm Spring evenings... 
(Fermob Colours: HERE)
(Photo: Jay Corder, AIA)
I love seeing designers incorporate the different elements in their designs.
A perfect grounds to me would have a fireplace, flowing water, green grass to play on, climbing ivy, multiple coloured succulents, trees as tall as my home, fruit trees lining a vegetable garden... you get the picture.
Me and Rothko, just hangin' (SFMOMA)
Rothko at The Met (iPhone photo - lack luster)

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