Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five: In My Own Kitchen

If you ask me what I can't live with out in my kitchen (minus the appliances, obs) I would say these handy-dandy items:
1. Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Mine is Le Creuset (cobalt blue!) like in THIS post. 
It cooks everything to perfection... Then again that could also be my mad culinary skills, just sayin'... 
But really, it's my staple. 
I make at least four meals a week in her - And yes, her. 
She is a she. 
I name my appliances as well as my cars.
2. Small Stainless Steel Frying Pan
This All-Clad wonder is heavy duty and helps me whip up anything from eggs to sautéed mushrooms in seconds flat. 
But do not forget: "Don't crowd the mushrooms!" as dear Julia would holler!
3. Steam Basket: 
Steam away people! 
Steaming is simply the BEST form of cooking! It helps those veggies keep their nutrients and even steams fish and chicken nicely. 
I use this baby every day, in fact I own two just so I don't have to wash it every day. 
This is a generic brand from the market, I'm sure there are plenty of fancy pants brand named ones out there but these do it for me!
4. Egg Slicer: Let me remind you this is not just an egg slicer! 
I honestly think I've used it for eggs less than a dozen times (think salad nicoise). 
I use this primarily for cooked beets, but you can use it for anything small like (peeled) kiwis, olives, etc. Throw some vinegar, pepper and caraway seeds in with those beets and whip up a divine German Beet Salad - Yum!!
5. The One and Only Tea Kettle
 Le Creuset tea kettle.
 How your whistle sounds the chime of tea time in our home! 
Thank you Mr. Creuset for making this beut! 
I know there are literally dozens of then out there, but this fits my needs and is perfect for brewing my Gen Maicha!
What are your five kitchen musts????
Happy Friday!

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