Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Five Must Haves Right Now

5 Things I cannot live with out right now!:
I have always loved headbands, I wore my Burberry headband for years until Logan chewed the center and broke it:(... these Goody headbands are BRILLIANT! They ease off that spot that always gives me a headache if I wear any other headband too long, and they don't slip! I love my Lulu Lemon for working out in, since it has that no slip grip genius invention to it. But this Goody Ouchless headband is beyond perfect... My favorite is the tortoise shell, it goes with anything!
Uber fabulousness as a mid-day snack, it's texture, taste, and little surprise bite of tartness is just divine with some fresh fruit and honey! This is perfect for around 3pm since it's light enough of a snack to have before I go to the gym or Pilates class.
It's so cold outside right now, and being stuck in my basement office calls for at least 4 cups of this heavenly tea. Green tea with a nutty flavor of toasted brown rice is in-hand every morning while I peruse my favorite blogs. Thank you Peet's for making this perfection in a cup!
As I mentioned before, good grief it’s cold outside! ‘Tis the season for soups and stews and everything in between! This piece of kitchenware is a MUST, my father has used his for years and years and it still works wonderfully. I have it it Cobalt Blue to match my tea kettle and other kitchen accessories. I imagine myself adding a couple more Le Creuset pieces to my wedding registry pretty soon!
I hate being cold more than anything and puff vests are the best because I don't feel restricted. I work with my hands a lot and these are the best solution. Does anyone else feel like the little boy in A Christmas Story when they have too many layers on? I linked it to the one they currently have, since mine is a couple years old. Since I meet with clients a bit, I can get away with it over a cashmere sweater, dark denim, ballet flats and pearls... classic every time!
Speaking of which... does anyone have any "Must Haves" for the kitchen and home that they can suggest? I have gotten a great start on my registry but could use a little help!
Thanks for checking in!

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