Monday, January 9, 2012

A Tangled Mess(astrophy)

My jewelry box, or lack there of (hence this post), is an utter disaster.
I've been desperately trying to find a simple yet chic solution to my birds nest of jewels in my lingerie drawer.
And now, for here on I will refer to my jewelry as jewels, as this is what a lady shall do.

For starters I think my main problem is that jewels do NOT belong in your lingerie drawer, nor do they belong in the junk drawer, the bottom of a gym bag, or on the coffee table.
 This is the main reason why I own about six single pearl studs in all different sizes (sad face).
My jewels are here there and everywhere as am I, imagine that. 

The problem is, if things (like my clothes) are not laid out and ready to go, I am a mess.
I wore a uniform my entire life, so don't judge.
The only decisions I ever made were: white or navy ribbons on my French braids?
So, when one opens a drawer to grab her jewels, would one be inclined to accessorize from that mess? Nope, no way. I know I have cute items, but how the heck am I supposed to roll out of the house chic in twenty minutes flat if this is what I'm working with?

That lovely shot above is of my disaster and this is honestly a good day.
Shouldn't I be more put together then that?
And if I don't get my act together fast, I may risk never getting jewels again from the Mister.
He doesn't fancy jewels at all, in fact he hates it all except for my pearl studs I wear every day and the rock he placed on my left finger...

And then there was Pinterest.
I have spent exactly two hours and twenty-seven minutes researching jewel organization... and look what goodies I found! I wonder if my contractor can whip me up a built in like below?

Additional ideas and inspirations are welcome, I beg of you!

Organized, yet in a sock drawer. I can do that!
(Photo: HERE)

You're kidding me, right?
(Photo: HERE)

Let's get real, this is great but this would last me one day.
(Photo: HERE)

What a great idea to use old saucers or little chipped gems in my cupboard!

Great idea, but I'm not one for plastic...
(Photo: HERE)

This could be great on a closet wall?
(Photo: HERE)

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