Monday, January 9, 2012

Taming the Tata's

My best friends come in all shapes and sizes, so when I braved the almighty question about what holds their girls up best, they were quite forthcoming!
What are girlfriends for anyway? 

My question to them: What is your best or favorite bra of all time? Why? 

Their fabulous answers:

“Best Sports Bra”: The Tata Tamer by Lululemon
“No under-wire, not ultra-compressing, wide straps, cool colors. COMFORTABLE”
Size: 34D or 34C 

“Sexy-Time/Girlie/Fun Bra”: Betsey Johnson
“The colors are a ton of fun and they are sexy time bras (lace, plus padding) and come in all sorts of sizes” and “they have 30DD and 32D”

Best/Favorite Sports Bra: Target's Champion Bra
“Love the colors and gives good support”
Size: Small

Best t-shirt Bra: Maidenform's Ultimate Push-Up Bra 
"Doesn't the style name say it all? Since this is anonymous let's get real: PUSH-UP. I need it, there it is. Instant B to D in seconds flat. Looks great under a white t-shirt, you can't see anything but my two lovelies nice and perky. Oh and did I mention they sell them at T.J.Maxx, brilliant?!"
Size: 34C

Everyday/blouse Bra: Freya or Chantelle 
“They are not too thick (no nipple show through) and can be worn under anything” and “they have all sorts of sizes (including 30E!)” 

Best Bra of All Time: Victoria Secret (my sexy bra - lace and silky material)
"Why: comfy, cute and makes my boobs look good. lol"
Size: 34D or 36C

Best All Around Bra: Victoria's Secret Demi Bra: 
"Gives great cleavage when wearing a cute top, makes me feel special and sexy and it's comfy for everyday. Also comes in fun colors too, mine is hot pink!"
Size: 36C

Best Everyday Bra: Victoria's Secret Very Sexy
"Why? It is cute and has a little bit of padding (but not too much!) to help out the sistas with the tiny tatas. Can wear it every day but it is also cute enough for those random one night stands! I mean....whatever, I'm proud. It comes in a million different colors, even nude so you can wear it to work under white shirts."
Size: 34 B

Best Sports Bra: Old Navy Padded Sports Bra 
"Why? First off, yes it says it is padded but it is very thin lining. Kind of like what lines your bikini so your nips don't show. They are flattering to smaller chested women AND THEY ARE ONLY 13 DOLLARS. I always feel supported whether it is low movement like bikram yoga or high intensity like zumba or kickboxing!"
Size: Small or medium. 

But Best of All, My Favorite Answer:
“How's this for an answer: I have no idea what my size is, but Victoria's Secret doesn't make them big enough. I have tried on at least 50 different bras in the past month at two different Nordstroms and couldn't find a single one that fit. Even the sales girls we're baffled. I currently wear a super old bra that doesn't fit and the strap is going to break any minute… I hear there's a bra whisperer in SF. I'm going to see her, wanna come?”

I was pretty surprised to find out Victoria's Secret seemed to be the general consensus, but then again, everyone's bodies are very different, hence this post.
For years I thought Victoria's Secrets quality was far from superior, or maybe that was me hating the fact they used MY name for a bra company when I was an A cup for must of high school?
May have to give them another chance!

For those of you in need of some extra help in this department, THIS amazing website offers the biggest selection I have ever seen!

Here’s the site and link in case: 
Bare Necessities

Hope this helps? 



  1. This is by far my favorite post. Ever!

  2. Of course it is! I strive to keep my readers content.

    Next week I'll post something on underwear for you.