Thursday, January 19, 2012

Walking Immunity

Hurray! It's Thursday!
This has been a wicked cold, thank goodness there haven't been too many chills or sweats involved like others have had. It has been one week since I started to sneeze and I am feeling WAY better. 

CJN works in this FABULOUS medical office, One Medical and says that she has seen this in her office like clockwork.
They have a blog I love to catch up on here and there that I find very helpful.
  HERE is a link to their 5-Drug Free Ways to Beat a Cold.
I haven't taken any medicine at all in almost a year.
I'm hoping this will just go away on its own! 

In addition to my daily supplements/oil I have been taking that Wellness Optimizer and drinking a TON of Traditional Medicine's Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat Tea sold HERE.
I LOVE this tea, I used to drink their other Throat Coat tea but it tasted like licorice, which isn't revolting to me when sick.

My other two saving graces have been pouring a half of cap full of hydrogen peroxide into my ear canal for 5-10 minutes on each side.
I'm telling you it works but it chills you to your bones.
I wish I had thought to do this on day one but totally forgot.
If you get sick, do it!

The other saving grace is making my own ginger tea.
Something about ginger makes me feel like my insides are being cleaned!
It soothes my throat for sure, but ginger has been known to boost the immune system.
Also, when ever my throat feels super dry and I am in too big of a rush for tea, I have been eating a teaspoon of local honey to soothe it.
It coats it quick and it lasts.

I've basically been treating my body like a temple this past week, attempting to make it impossible for any virus to thrive in.
At least I'm hoping!
Good grief if I treated my body like this 365 days a year I'd be walking immunity!

Anyway, enough blabbing about this darn cold, hope everyone is happy and healthy!

Would love to hear more natural remedies if you have one?


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