Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Pants

Bright Papaya

I have to admit I am seconds away from clicking the 'Submit Order' on The Crew's site for a pair of these happy pants.
I wonder if this is one of those fashion fads we look back at in 5-10 years and think, "What the heck were we thinking?"...
I hope not, because I heart them!
Check out the first pair, 'Bright Papaya'... little Easter Egg-y but fitting since it's Lent?
I mean I don't plan on wearing white patent leather shoes and a side pony...
I say we rally and get some pretty Easter colours back into the pews, God made colour for goodness sakes!

And why not take it a step further and pair it with an Easter bonnet or bow? 
Okay maybe not a bonnet, but at least a ladies hat with a bow?

Have a colorful day!


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