Friday, February 17, 2012

Nerd Alert. Nerd Alert.

Regardless of how "cool" you are, there's a little science geek in everyone!
I say find your inner geek and decorate!

Le Bouton D'Or

Glass terrariums

Periodical Table of Elements anyone?

Lovely botanical prints
House Beautiful

Woods Print Fabrics

Vintage Scale

Beautiful Ernst Haeckel print

More botanical prints
House Beautiful

Sage sketch

Glass domes... duh

Crisp clean dino prints
20 x 20: HERE

Some linen fern pillows perhaps?

Copper engraved solar solar system
Found: HERE

Nothing more scienc-y then a terrarium! 

Antique map of the solar system
Sanderus Maps: HERE

Beaker Wall Vase

Here are some excellent sources:

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