Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pillow Bling

Trim photos in bottom right hand corner belong to Samuel & Sons and the rest to me courtesy of William Anderson Interiors

Trimmy, trim, trims!
One of the absolute most fun parts of making pillows is picking out the trim, or as some designer's call it, the "bling".
I mean trims are fun, really fun. You can't deny it. 
I'm guilty of self-welting quite a bit, but honestly that's usually because of budget restrictions.
Trims, like cord, fringe, tapes, etc. can be put on more than just pillows and drapery: Think lamp shades, bed skirts, duvets, headboards, sofas, chairs, and heck why not dining chairs?
Have fun with it!

On a budget?
Buy simple shams or shades at your favorite home store, I love TJ Maxx and Home Goods.
Order some trim or even check out your local craft supply store (Beverly's, Michael's, etc.) and whip out the handy-dandy glue gun or stitch them on yourself!

Here's an easy How-To I just googled, I'm sure there are plenty out there:

My favorite source for trims is Samuel and Sons, they are to the trade only, so contact me for pricing and ordering.

Have fun with it!

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