Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Striped Grosgrain Ribbon

Can you say obsessed, yet again?
First gold and now ribbon...
There are just so many darned excellent ways to use ribbon, I just can't get over how much I love it. 
Every Fourth of July I deck my hair and sometimes even my clothes with navy and white striped grosgrain ribbon. It's such a simple and thrifty way to spruce anything up!
There are so many other ways besides wrapping packages with it, I love the idea of wrapping it around the base of each cake layer...
Here are my faves:
Cut strips, over lap them and glue as fun banners.
Found HERE

Cut little strips and tie to the end of cut bamboo skewers
Do-it-yourself drink sticks: HERE

To hang a wreath
Found HERE

To tie silverware for a little added fun
Found: HERE

But of course, the wedding bouquets!
This one is my absolute favorite!

Ribbon belts!
How to via Martha: HERE

Belly bands for invitations
Found: HERE

To hang pomanders

Another beautiful bouquet! Sorry I'm obsessed!
Just ordered this for our up and coming nuptials!
You MUST check out The Pink Giraffe... I love this place!

Sew ribbon to the bottom of towels for a fun gift or special touch to a bathroom
My mom used to make hooded baby towels with custom ribbon sewn on the edges, so cute!
Found HERE

To tie programs at any event
Found: HERE

Wrapped around mason jars as centerpieces

TOO cute! Just using ribbon in a bow would suffice, but this is great!
Found: HERE

Here are some great sources for grosgrain ribbon:

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