Thursday, March 15, 2012

Absence & GCB

Please excuse my absence this week...
Between eating pavement, a cold and this birthday month for BRS, it's been REAL FUN
Bitter? Maybe.
Light at the end of the tunnel?
This weekend is my bachelorette party with the most amazing girls EVER!
 I've been "resting" it up trying to shake this...
Resting in my bloodline means: catching up on TV shows, laundry, moving my sofa around at 11pm... you know, that kind of rest...

Speaking of shows, has anyone seen GCB on ABC? 
Holy Moses is it hysterical!
Slightly inappropriate, yes maybe... fun factor: 5 stars!
It's based on the book, 'Good Christian Bitches'
The first two episodes are available on ABC's website or the ABC Ap.

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