Monday, March 12, 2012

Obsessed With Draw Something!

I'm officially obsessed with my iPhone and iPad Aps!
It's ridiculous!
My newest obsession is Draw Something 
(Draw Something Free by OMGPOP)

Have you played?
I'm: tearose412
Months ago it was The Sims, Words with Friends, then Hanging with Friends, oh and don't forget Family Feud... let's see, what else...

Can you guess?

Spent countless hours last night playing, time change didn't help one bit!

Nerd Alert!

Other than play Draw Something all weekend, I actually DID do a few little things...

Friday tried out the high messy bun again, successful, don't you think? Followed with one too many whiskey sours with ACM.
Saturday got a surprise visit from my cousin, nephew and cousins brother in law with ukelele's and an ice cream sundae in hand - HEAVEN!
Nephew (left) is 17, getting a 4.0, plays the ukulele like an all-star and is playing at our wedding as I walk down the aisle.
Oh and spent one too many hours researching halo designs for my ring... umm hello gorgeous!
Sunday celebrated BRS' birthday with friends at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

I swear all I do is live for the weekends!



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  1. thank you for the link to this post! all these apps are killing me!!
    you are so pretty, and I love the look you want for your ring... how exciting!

    all my best,