Thursday, March 29, 2012

Birthday Wish List - Get Ready!

Is this big enough, can you see it?
That's right, March is at a close and that means my fabulous birthday month is coming right up!
In case you can't see this large enough, here it is again:

Oh and in case you can't access it there, here are some options:

Click HERE and I'll mail it to you!
Click HERE and I'll e-mail it to you!
Click HERE and I'll fax it to you!
Click HERE and I'll g-chat it to you!
Click HERE and I'll text it to you!
Click HERE and I'll iMessage it to you!
Click HERE and I'll iChat it to you!
Click HERE and I'll smoke signal it to you!

These are just a couple of things on my wish list, I understand if you don't have time to run out and buy something, checks are gladly accepted!
I know, I'm so accommodating

Right now Lilly has SO many cute dresses out there, I am dying for this striped number
I've been eyeing that jewelry box at Pottery Barn for ages, EMH has one and it's a godsend
That coffee table is to die for, it would be perfect in my living room, that Ikea number is no bueno, what you don't have coffee tables on your birthday wish lists?
Wait, what's that? You don't have a birthday wish list?
Pssh. Puhleeze.

I've never been one for gift certificates, usually because I like to give gifts that have some sort of inside meaning or significance, but how great would these gifts be?:
I think these are such fun options and you can get super creative with it.
Best part is, gifts like these remind the recipient of you all year long!
If you're on a budget and can't quite fork over the money for these there are plenty of other options:

Live locally?:
-Your own succulent of the month club: set a reminder on your calendar and pop into your local nursery and buy a small 4" succulent and drop it off on the front porch of the recipient with a pretty bow tied around it - easy $10.00 or less gift
Image - HERE

-Your own candles of the month club: I've recently been obsessed with tapered candles like the beautiful beeswax honeycomb and hollow straight taper candles from Knorr Beeswax - tie a pretty ribbon around a pair of candles with a sweet note and leave in on the front porch, such a fun surprise!
 Images - HERE

Live far away?
-Your own seeds of the month club: Check to see what grows best in the Farmer's Almanac or on any garden website like's and purchase seeds from your local nursery and mail them - easy $5.00 or less gift plus a stamp, who doesn't LOVE getting mail that isn't a bill?

Image - HERE

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