Friday, March 30, 2012

Hello Lovely!: Copper

When "done right", copper can be spectacular...
I just adore these touches here and there and would do anything (I say that too much!) for a copper hood. 
Look at me wanting wanting wanting when I have a nice kitchen already!
Ugh, typical American!

This designer
I have no idea who's design this is, I was perusing the real estate listings and came across this beaut! 
But go you, whomever you are!
Let's play Design Critic, someone didn't have her coffee!:
Love the details in this beautiful hood and absolutely envy the brass hardware and details through out
Bit of an awkward corner for the hood though?...
Image HERE

Adore this kitchen, check out those lanterns!
Not huge on that wash over the paint...
LOVE that niche cabinet!
Awkward windows above the cabinets? 
Would love to have seen more cabinets with mullions instead?
Image HERE

Utter perfection! Right?
Pissy pants me: could do with out that funky island side and that landing pad for dust above the fridge...
Then again I can guarantee that household doesn't dust their own shiz...
Image HERE

Oh, here I am, chopping lemons in my perfect kitchen...
Awkward windows, would prefer grass woven shades
Image HERE

Love this kitchen but the shape is a bit Zepplin-y for my taste!
Envy the tiled wall, slat ceilings and counters
Image HERE

Again, the dream list, rather have this than a Rolls:
Image - HERE

What I take from this and want in my kitchen?
-copper hood
-tiled wall
-dark stained island
-glass pane cabinets
What's that?
Get my head out of the clouds?

... I'll settle for these:
Available HERE

Here is a source for great copper hoods, I've never used them before but can see they have a tremendous assortment!
The Metal Peddler


  1. I have been looking at kitchens for my mom but it looks like you are doing all of the work for me! So many ideas from this post.

  2. I SO want those pans! I am dying for them!