Tuesday, March 6, 2012


The mudroom.
Who doesn't want a mudroom?
A landing pad from the outside world to the inside world.
Someplace to knock dirty boots off, for garden clogs to find a halt, where dog leashes hang, where muddy hands, paws and feet are cleaned off...
And even a place to drop the keys and mail before sorting.
The mudroom.
I know that the inside of your home is up to five times more toxic than the outside world, I believe I heard/read that on Dr. Mercola's website.
I think a mudroom would drastically decrease the germs and dirt tracked in from outside and improve indoor quality, they're ingenious!

In the meantime, since we don't have an extra $20,000 laying around, I think an air purifier will have to suffice, what a drag!
BRS and I have been researching air purifiers and our top two picks are:

Anyway, back to the mudroom, here are some of my faves below.

This is one of our clients in Atherton's mudroom, I am loving the herringbone brick chosen

Love this stainless steel sink

Love the extra details throughout: floors, ceilings, shoe drawers, bulletin board and best of all that natural light!
Muse Interiors 

Helpful bench
Hutker Architects Image HERE

Incredible storage idea!
Image - HERE

I'm not quite sure when I decided it was super cool to stay home on Friday nights and computer render client's floor plans for, uh "fun"... but I did...
My take on their mudroom with my needs...

In my future home these are my mudroom "requirements"
1. Lots of cabinets for storage
2. Lots of hooks to hang things
3. A dog station with leash hooks, wash bath, built in food storage, and water fountain
4. Boot and wader drying station
5. A stainless steel sink
6. A covered garbage pail (built in)
7. A coat closet with a mirror for last minute wardrobe checks
8. An outdoor gear storage closet
9. Slate floors in a fun pattern - easy to clean!
10. A pretty chandelier to girl-ify the hardness


Honestly, rooms like the mudroom, the powder room, and the laundry room to me are spaces to get fun and creative.
Little things like special floor details, small flea market chandeliers and fun fabrics and wallpapers are perfect to push it a step further.
A space where a giraffe wallpaper you envy that's $100/roll works.
Where toile doesn't get old.
Where a ceiling of corks or some HGTV special you watched at 2am are do-able.
You know what I'm talking about, right?

I rest my case.

Have a great week!


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