Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Today has been just gorgeous!
Started out with coffee with some of the besties, plus someones new beau ; )
We all "approve!"
Then off to the Faire.

We headed to the Alameda Antiques By the Bay Faire, which is the first Sunday of every month.
If you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area, make your plans around that Sunday, it's a must!

There are such great finds from vintage Mickey Mouse phones to Allan Adler Silver. 
It's a GREAT place to find wedding decor, home accents and furniture, and best of to find one of a kind unique gifts.
You honestly need the whole day to make it through the whole thing, we hardly put a dent in it.
If you do get a chance, start early, bring water, comfortable shoes, sunscreen (regardless if there's sun or not, fog is deceiving remember!), and an apetite! 
We enjoyed chicken curry naan wraps that were to die for.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend and is lucky enough to have late Spring weather like us!
Yes, we're wearing shorts!
My cousin pitched the second game at his baseball tournament in Arkansas and won, I'm SO proud of him! 
Friday night was fun too, I went on a ride-along with BRS, that's how we do "date-night", lucky me ; )

Have a terrific evening and talk to you tomorrow!


Let's me just share some finds...

Awesome cart table, only $300!

We have this skinny hallway that's too dark for art, snatched up these vintage tennis rackets for $3.00 each! Instant art!

All of my framed art is from the Faire (shhh...)

The "Betty" (Draper) dress

Green milk glass 


Checking out the goods...

Home with the peas

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