Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: My Bachelorette!

Good Morning!
Yes, I just made you scroll through all these photos to get to this...
I am truly the luckiest girl alive to have all of these special women in my life!
My Maid of Honor, CJN
The one responsible for making this all happen!
She can brighten anyone's day, in seconds flat
She has a giggle that most four year old's have but can run an entire medical office (or 14 women with wine in them, which is more taxing?)
I've known her for 23 years and out of those 23 years we never went more than 2 weeks talking to each other, and that's because this lady has been to South Africa two times...
Once of which she bungee jumped off Victoria Falls
I about keeled over and died when she told me
Her heart is generous, forgiving and loyal, I am too lucky to have pushed her on the swings in pre-school so long ago.

The rest of these beauts...
I've known them for anywhere between 3 and 20 years, jealous?
Yes, I know.
Grade school besties to old co-workers, I count my blessings daily
This past weekend I honestly had at least a dozen quiet moments to myself where life hit me, I was flooded with joy and happiness that I have these wonderful women in my life, forever.

Delicious dinners
Heartfelt cheers
Incredible wine
Generous gifts
Scrumptious treats
Delectable shared lunches
Unbelievable spa treatments
Ab clenching laughs
Cardio fitness dancing
Snuggles by the fire
Thoughtfulness in general...

My weekend was pure bliss

And for this, I thank all of my girlfriends...

I hope everyone has women like these in their life like I do, I am truly blessed in every way.

Have a wonderful day!


*Ps. These photos all belong to me, please get my permission before using elsewhere, thank you!


  1. Try 24 years for you and CareBear! All such wonderful and beautiful women!

  2. Thanks Mom! 24 years... good grief!

    Love them!

  3. We are the lucky ones! Love ya Tor :)

  4. Thanks Mac, you're all the best! Can't wait to share my brand spankin' new wedding shoes my lovely bridesmaids got for me! I am SO in love! (yes, with a shoe!)