Friday, April 6, 2012

Coffee Date

What did you do today?
Lucky me I work five minutes from this beautiful lady, Mac. 
This means we actually get to be "ladies who lunch", minus the whole job part...
She's my refreshing 20 minute (who's counting) break from the dungeon office I work in, lucky me, right?
Besides her drop dead gorgeous looks, she's got the wit and charm to boot!
On top of our fabulous coffee dates and lunches, I am lucky enough to get to have her move in come May!
This means Saturday morning coffee and toast on the patio!
Stay tuned for this incredible transition... we get to decorate!

Anyway, I recently fell in love with this shi-shi coffee bar slash art gallery slash whatever and LOVE.IT.
They make the most incredible scones, this one is a blue cheese and scallion scone and the one in my stomach is the bacon and date with smoked black salt scone...
Pretty much heaven in a triangle!

Besides the scrumptious scones and some of the best darned Verve coffee around, the setting is beyond fabulous. 
It's loft-like, open, clean, chic and modern.
As museum-like as the contents may be, comfortable is the feeling I feel.
The surrounding art is primarily from Bali and check out the petrified wood tables!
Makes me want to build a home around half their decor...

Thank you Monkey Forest Road for sprucing up this end of Oakland!

Hope to see you there one morning!


A couple shots off the architects website, nicely done Larson Shores!

Images HERE


  1. Love you VRB!!! Can't wait for our next break date :)
    PS: those were the best scones I've ever had!

  2. Love you too! I am craving a blue cheese and scallion scone SO badly right now! Can't wait!