Saturday, April 7, 2012

Got Me Thinking...

$656 million you ask?
I kept thinking about this as they announced the winners, maybe I should have started with buying a ticket?...
Minor detail.

1. Put aside 2/3 of it to save/invest
2. Donate to The Children's Brain Tumor Foundation and Make-a-Wish
3. Pay off mine an my parents debts
4. Buy my sister and BRS' sister new homes + all the taxes for life on them
5. Pay for my nephew and nieces college tuition and save $100,000/each for down payments on their future homes
6. Buy this every day home:

Wood totally redo this estate, but a good start?
Woodside, CA
Available - HERE

7. Buy this vacation home:

Tahoe Retreat in Incline Village, Nevada
Available - HERE

8. Take this apartment in the city:
Available - HERE

9. Buy this weekend home:

Wine Country Estate in Napa, CA
Available - HERE

So much for living simply, huh?
What would you do with $656 million?

Dream on...


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