Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fun Weekend Recap

Well hello!
I have been so utterly swamped with the weekend, catching up at home, writing thank-yous and with work that this is the first chance I've had to recap my birthday and weekend!
The best way to describe the last week/weekend is in pictures so here you go...

Thursday the twelfth was my actual birthday and two of my best friends, part of my "ladies who lunch" set, took me to lunch at Boot and Shoe Service, this fantastic restaurant that serves pizza and goodies
Little MNS! 

Later that night, we went to dins at the parents, Dad made chicken pot pies and we had rice crispy treats for dessert
I think they were a little blown away by my simple requests, for some reason the stormy week had me craving childhood favorites

Friday night BRS and I split a sushi boat, we finished that baby in fifteen minutes flat!

Saturday night we had a "little" gathering at our house with my closest friends
I am the luckiest gal and have so many beautiful women in my life, so little isn't usually a word to describe our events!
During my birthday, I love to be around the people who mean the most to me

 These are some of the most brilliant, intelligent, and beautiful women in my life!

The pups came, meet Harley, MNS' pup!
He's a King Charles Spaniel and is as sweet as pie

Remember Dexter?
He's a Puggle (Beagle and a Puggle) and at five months is super smart

Most candle blowing pictures are banned from blogs, am I right?
But this one will do - I mean come on, THAT cake!

AD made a friend, Shelby ADORES him, she is so spoiled in his presence!
Great friends!

Lovely ladies in my life, lucky me!

The lovely lady, SAF above right made this scrumptious lemon cake, the cake, curd and frosting were all made from scratch from her lemon tree - HEAVEN!

We played Guesstures, one of my all time favorite games!

Clean up crew hard at work
I have an issue sleeping knowing there is a mess awaiting me in the morning, so this guy was helpful!

My two aunts were gracious enough to host a bridal shower for me and my Dad's side of the family
It turned out to be a lovely day so we ate on the patio
We played toilet paper bride, aren't they Charmin? :)

My ribbons and bows bouquet is getting mighty large, and I still have three more showers!

This weekend was divine, I feel so loved and am so thankful to have the most incredible people around me
I can't thank everyone enough for everything you do and everything you stand for
You really are an incredible group of friends and family!


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