Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Unique Easter Sunday

Since my Easter plans changed last minute, we (the pea pups and I) had an impromptu Spring cleaning day - garden style!

Yes, it was a tad random, we spruced up the front porch with some pillows, a new wreath jazzed up with a little plaque someone gave me at my shower last week, too cute, right?
All while listening to the lovely Madeleine Peyroux, I just love this song:

We moved the topiary out, soaked up some sun, planted the impatients finally barked at neighbors, and tidied up a bit.

Once BRS was off, we painted blown eggs... Shelby stared at those eggs like a cat ready to pounce, maybe she thought they were Cadbury's?

I sipped a blueberry and tonic and got a little gold happy and went to town on some frames... get the paint brush away from me, BRS may have come home to a gold accent wall if I didn't start to have a craving...

Finished off the night with a quick trip with MNS to Viks Chaat in Berkeley for some traditional Easter Indian dins... doesn't everyone have Indian for Easter??

Mad Men, a half pint of Three Twins Cookies and Cream with some sparkling pink bubbly topped my night off in style!

La Pura Vida!

Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night!


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