Thursday, April 12, 2012

Twenty-Seven Years...

My twenty-seventh year on this good green Earth God created is here... 
I have loved every year, hands down
There have been ups and downs, but mostly memorable ups
I can almost remember every scraped knee, game won, family loss, friend gained
I am the most thankful person to be who am I am, and be from where I am.

Thank you to my pea, family and friends who have been there for me, my birthday is that day I remember you most!

I love you

(and as BRS noted five times already today, my last year as VRB)

Many special years!
Wish I could find the teen years, then again, I am sparing the humility.
Think: unibrow, buck teeth, awkward teen years, late bloomer - you get the picture!

One - my Winona Bray look according to my Mother

Two - with my sissy

Three - with my mama

Four - with a cake the size of my body

Five - with the bestie, CJN, my MOH

 Six - at my favortire restaurant, Chin's Garden.
I cried when they closed when I was in college, like absolute gushing tears
I miss Mei and the wonton chef that we visited in pre-school
My mother and her mother ate there when she was pregnant with me!
 Seven - looking super

Eight - My First Holy Communion - couldn't find a b-day shot, but May?

 Nine - eek getting towards the awkward years!


Eleven - bangs hiding the uni...

This is the year I woke up and Mother pretended she forgot my birthday and that night my best friends through me a surprise Jelly Belly Birthday party

Thirteen - my watermelon obsession years begin...

Need to find 14-19!

Twenty - Kauai year 

Twenty-three - year 

Twenty-four at the A's Game!



  1. Happy Birthday, Petunia Cakes! (aka Pumpkin Head--note the explosion of hair!) Can't believe our baby girl is 27 and getting married! Have a wonderful day and we'll see you tonight for dinner! Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Happy Birthday Tori! This is so cute! Love, Katherine