Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Means Tunics

I don't know about you but I am ready for some warm weather, my Bonannos, white denim and best of all...


They're comfy, they're cozy... you have to love them!

Some of my faves!:

Paired with jeans for work or a day strolling the antiques fair
Available - HERE

Of course Kate makes the most divine tunics

Available - HERE

Darling tunic dress for an evening out by Lesley Evers (local!)
Available - HERE

Loving this Vineyard Vines tunic, yo quiero
Available - HERE

Waaay out of my tunic budget but super cute:
Available - HERE

Lilly comfy tunic, so practical
Available - HERE

Fabulous colour, right?
Available - HERE

I tried this on at J.Crew and it's super cute, and on sale right now for only $49.99
Available - HERE

This is fabulous tunic from Boden is SO on my list!
Available - HERE

So chic!
Available - HERE

I gave myself a couple goals for April:
1. Blog EVERY day in April, including weekends (I'm 13 for 13 if you haven't noticed:)
2. Wear more colour! This means branch out from my usual navy.


Tunics = Colour!

Colour it up a little people, the Bay Area could use a little pep in their step!

Happy Friday!


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