Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Thank You Stationery

Wedding shower season...
Shall Commence!
This means, time for fabulous stationery!
Just got my thank-yous notes in the mail yesterday from my shower on Friday, always best to get those out right away.

Since my monogrammed stationery in my maiden name was getting low, I opted not to replenish since it's changing so soon!
54 days to be exact!

This was the last stationery I had:
Available - HERE

I can't wait to order my new monogram stationery, I will probably post my top choices next week!
For now, this is what I just picked up:

Thank You's for my shower coming up in April with friends and family:
My two finds from T.J. Maxx
Image actually from another Blog, we have similar taste!
Available - HERE

These are the notes I used for the shower Friday, with BRS' mother's friends.
Available - HERE

Here are a couple pointers on writing thank you notes:
-I always acknowledge the presence of the guest, since we all know how busy this time of year gets this is always appreciated.
-If a gift was sent, be sure to thank them for the thought and of course express how much you missed them with out making them feel guilty about not being there!
-Be funny and write in the tone you speak, kind of like a blog! Trust me it will end up coming out easier!
-Be specific about what you are thanking them for, if they got you a pencil case, thank them for the pencil case. Tell them how thrilled you are to put your monogrammed pencils in it!
-I like to end in how excited you are to see them next and another cheerful thank you in closing

Don't forget, thank you notes are never unappreciated, heaven knows we all love mail that is not a bill!
Now, thank you for reading and hey, why not go write your Mother a thank you note for bringing you into this world!


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