Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings: Decanters

BRS dragged me to see The Avengers this weekend
And when I say dragged, it was more like bribed with dinner waving in front of me like Scooby and his Scooby Snacks
What did I take from the movie except for a mini crush on Captain America?

My new obsession with decanters and how we must have them!
We got stuck watching the movie in 3D on accident, which I was nervous about at first, hello vertigo!
There were a few scenes that really popped in 3D, one of which was a scene when Tony Stark (Iron Man) offers Loki (the villain) a cocktail among the madness to distract him 
Forget the monster effects in the movie, but hello minor details this girl enjoyed!
Mr. Stark displayed a nice collection of decanters on his Jetson's-esq bar, check it out:

Image - HERE

I'll take one of each!
William Yeoward Helen Square Decatner - HERE
Baccarat Harcourt Whiskey Decanter - HERE

Kate Spade Banyan Stripe Decanter - HERE

e-bay has a number of beautiful decanters up for bidding, including a bunch of vintage Lalique decanters
Whether you display them in a cabinet, on a bar, or cart, decanters are a sure way to glitz up a space

Image - HERE

Image - HERE

Image - HERE


  1. OMG!!! I completly agree I had a very similiar experience after watching the movie. Now I have set a mission to find decanters and possibly collect them(funny thing is I don't drink). I would use them for everyday beverages like water,orange juice and cranberry Great job to the set designer of the movie. Thanks for this blog.

    1. Thanks for commenting! I'm sorry I just saw this... I love decanters as well, in fact I have the Williams-Sonoma monogrammed decanter next to my bedside for water at night.

      I think some vintage ones on a bar cart for a summer bbq or shower with juices, etc. would be so cute!

      Glad you were able to find my blog this way!


  2. I am also in love with this Decanter AND the glassware he is using but am having a heck of a time trying to find the make/where to purchase it. please please help me?

    1. Honestly I think it MAY be vintage... saw something similar here:

      Note how short it is and the sterling lip... As for the glassware, I think they may be discontinued Baccarat? Sorry I'm not great help! Good luck!

    2. I think the Glasses are the Royal Doulton Prism series from the decanter and glasses set.